When I made it back to Adelaide, I was pretty drained. It had been a few straight months of shooting, hiking, adventuring and creating content. It’s always super productive, very enjoyable and you are constantly overwhelmed with amazing people, sights, and opportunities when you live at a fast pace like that. However, it does start to grind you down. Adelaide was a welcome break that I didn’t necessarily need but on the same note, I think I needed it.

I put my camera away and with no travel on the cards, literally let it collect dust for the next two months. I had no real urge to get shooting again, up to my creativity with urban shots or portraits. I like documenting adventures and I use photography to help me do that. The adventures were on hold. I knew I wasn’t going to forget how to take a photo in a few months.

I also probably needed a break from adventuring. It gets fatiguing to visit new spots and document them non-stop so it was nice to not feel any pressure to do so for a while. However, this week I took a day-trip up to Middleton with my cousin and friends. I decided I’d take the camera and just shoot some surf if it seemed like a good time to do it. There was no pressure, just a bit of fun. It’s how it should feel but when there’s a strict deadline, tourism board oversight, or time constraints it often feels a bit more like a mission than a moment.

Hanging out at Middleton on the beach composing shots was a beautiful little time that reminded me I do love shooting and it is a form of meditation/zen or a blissful activity for me. It’ll always be there for me but there’s no need to force it.

With that said, Middleton was beautiful and the weather absolutely turned it on. We hung out watching the boys surf for a while and then chilled out on top of the bay in town chatting and taking in the sunny scenes. Winter is coming but it’s nowhere yet. 

So, here are a few little shots and a video from a quick sesh up at Middleton.


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