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La Piedra De Lino Hike (Rock Of Lino) In Boquete, Panama

La Piedra De Lino Hike (Rock Of Lino) In Boquete, Panama

It may be one of the shortest hikes in Boquete distance wise but La Piedra De Lino it will hurt your legs the most! This hike was a grueling 434 meters in elevation over just 1.3km. That means for every three meters you walk forward, you walk up one meter. However, the view of Boquete from the top rock is worth the climb.

la piedra de lino rock hike


La Piedra De Lino means the rock of Lino. Lino is a small section of Boquete only about four kilometers from the center of Boquete town. From Boquete town center, you can either walk the four kilometers to the trailhead or catch a taxi/colectivo van. There were two of us and it cost $4 so for $2 each we decided to just get the taxi. It is often handy to get a taxi when you don’t know the exact trailhead also. The taxi drivers are usually local gurus and when you tell them the trail you want to hike they just know straight away where to drop you and point you in the right direction.

This is one of the easier trailheads to find in Boquete. There is a big sign pointing exactly where to start hiking. If only the rest of the hikes were this easy to find! You head up this driveway and then continue along the path the whole way and there isn’t much chance to get lost or junctions with multiple options.

You can organize your taxi to pick you up 2 hours later. It took us 30 minutes up and 30 minutes down. But if you take longer to hike the La Piedra De Lino you just need to plan out that time. We normally don’t ask for a pick-up and hope someone picks us up on our way back to town. Worst case scenario it is a 4km walk back to the town. This is a great hike for beginners because the trail is quite straightforward and the overall distance is quite short.

Below are the images of the trailhead to help you find your way and I have put the trailhead map for La Piedra De Lino at the bottom of this blog post.

la piedra de lino rock hike
la piedra de lino rock hike


Our taxi dropped us at the sign and we began our way up the driveway. We were expecting some incline but boy did it hit us! The steep paths begin right away and never really even out. We were in for a calf burner on the way up.

As we made our way up the first driveway a dog decided to join us and he stuck with us the whole way and even hung out at the top of the hike with us for an hour.

You will pass by a small house that seemed to be abandoned or at least empty. From here the hike gets quite slippery. If you have hiking shoes definitely wear them. We just had running sneakers and survived but we both hit the deck a few times.

la piedra de lino rock hike


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la piedra de lino rock hike

There were lots to see on the way up with flowers, berries, and glimpses of the view as we made our way to the top of the rock. Every time I turned back to look at the incline was an epic little view. There was no-one else on the trail at all and we felt like we were out in the jungle even though we had views back towards Boquete town!

la piedra de lino rock hike
la piedra de lino rock hike
la piedra de lino rock hike
la piedra de lino rock hike

It was only 30 minutes to reach the top despite people telling us it would take 1.5 hours. I guess it depends on your fitness but we really didn’t sprint up and as you can see I was distracted taking photos for at least 10 minutes or more on the way up to snap all these shots. Once you reach the top of the incline it flattens out a little bit and you head left along the trail for a minute or so. Then you clamber up the rocks, still with a defined trail, and the trees clear in front of the big rock and you have made it!

Our puppy was still with us and chilled out with us on the big rock for an entire hour.

la piedra de lino rock hike
la piedra de lino rock hike

The cool part about La Piedra De Lino is that you have views in multiple directions. You can look out to Volcan Baru, back into Bajo Mono or up to the east of Boquete. There were tons to look at. It would be a great sunset spot but unfortunately, we only head stormy weather. It was still a great adventure and one I would plan to do with a possibility of a sunset if you have the chance.

la piedra de lino rock hike

la piedra de lino rock hike

la piedra de lino rock hike



Just above the Alto Lino text is the green dotted line for La Piedra De Lino trail.



I hope you enjoy my guides and have a great time exploring Panama!

cerro picacho ola panama

Marie-Christine Harvey

Tuesday 17th of January 2023

Qui a pris ces magnifiques images en photo?

Mario Ruscovici

Friday 23rd of April 2021

Azul crossed the rainbow bridge. The restaurant has a new Siberian Husky, "Lucky".


Saturday 6th of April 2019

What season did you hike in? My wife and I just came back from the hike, and it has been drought-like conditions for three months here we are told. The steepest part of the trail is very very dusty! A fine, gritty dust that sometimes crumbles underfoot. Still passable but these conditions might take people longer than normal conditions - at least it did for us and we're experienced hikers. Still an excellent hike with a majestic payoff at the top!

Chris Toone | Toone's Travels

Tuesday 11th of February 2020

My girlfriend and I had a very different experience in June during the start of the rainy season... we slipped and slid all over the place but just as you found - still passable with a great reward!


Sunday 25th of November 2018

Same here. I saw the dog at the start of the trail in front of the house on the left, and beckoned it to follow me... I knew right away that was 'the dog'. We climbed all the way up together -- of course it went a lot faster than me. Once at the top, I soaked in the majestic view on the rock, and took pictures and videos with my new friend. We came back down together and when I sat down to chat with a local it sat right down under my chair. Then it waited with me on the road for the bus back until my friends from the hostal showed up, and then it ran away along with them back to the trail. Lol


Sunday 12th of August 2018

Hey! Just came across your blog, and saw a familiar friend in your pictures! My husband and I did the same hike and that same dog walked with us all the way back to town. She was so sweet and even hung out at our hostel about 2 hours before heading back home. We heard from someone working at the hostel that she loves hanging out with people and follows them regularly! Anyways, best of luck on your travels--love your pictures!!

Wednesday 10th of February 2021

This dog seems not to be the only one following tourists on the trails there. I know of a dog named Azul that lives in Pianista Restaurant. That dog accompanies tourists from the head of the Pianista Trail, which is only some houses away from the trailhead of Piedra de Lino. Do research for "Kris Kremers", "Lisanne Froon", "Pianista Trail", "lost holandesas" to find more information.