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My third week on Kauai was highlighted by a three-night stay at Koloa Landing Resort. I also linked up with some other photographers on the island and went on some more epic hikes. One of the hikes led me to a towering waterfall in the middle of the jungle and the other led me to the world famous Na Pali coastline. This week was all about adventuring hard and enjoying the home base of Koloa Landing Resort.

Right on the beach in Poipu, the huge resort is centered around an amazing lagoon style pool that winds all the way from the bottom to the top of the property. This was by far my favorite part of the resort. Each night we hung out in the pools and hot tubs as the sun set over the ocean at the front of the property.

The room I stayed in was a huge suite with multiple bedrooms, a living a room, kitchen and four showers! The small things are what makes the stay memorable and for me, it was hanging out in the gym in the mornings with my mate Josh Lynott and wandering around the suite checking out all the local photographs hanging on the walls with my mate Mike. The more I shoot, I find myself drawn to local galleries of work by the photographers who live in the place. They are the ones who know all of the great locations and angles. They also get to re-visit locations, waiting for that perfect sunrise where all the elements line up. So it’s great to go into a local gallery and see what the local guns are producing!

These are some the shots Josh and I snapped of Koloa Landing Resort during our stay.

There were two adventures that stood out for me in the last week. The first was the 8-mile round trip hike along the coast to Hanakapiai Falls. It takes 2 miles to trek to Hanakapiai beach and then another two inland to the falls. It is definitely worth the effort. The falls pour down into an amphitheatre in the middle of the jungle. They are my favorite falls on Kauai so far after three weeks on the island!

The hike along the coast winds you along red rock paths and muddy trails, all the while looking down on the cerulean blue water. It’s one of the most popular adventures among tourists on Kauai and you can see why.

The second adventure that has to be shared with you guys from this week is the 6.4 mile Awa’Awapuhi Trail. In Koke’e Park this trail drops your 1500ft down a ridge, eventually leading you to a lookout that may be one of the most epic spots in the world. Ridges you wouldn’t see anywhere else, drop straight down in dramatic fashion. Hikes like this are the main part of why I came to Kauai so I am so stoked and thankful the weather turned up for me and I could experience this beautiful, unique landscape with my own eyes.

I hope you all had a rad week. If there is anything you want to know or questions you have for me shoot me a dm on Instagram @jackson.groves or an email to [email protected]