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Well, it’s been 200 weeks of this little weekly journal so what better way to celebrate than launching my print shop. It’s only taken four years but I know have a dedicated space where you can check out my prints for your wall at home.

To visit the print store you can click here: PRINT STORE

Over the last four years, I’ve been to some incredible places on my adventures throughout the world. Sometimes, you reach the top of a hike and it’s pouring with rain and you can’t see a thing. Sometimes the sunset is a complete blowout, the sunrise doesn’t even appear after an early wake-up call or the conditions are just straight out terrible. But over the course of four years, these unlucky situations are balanced out by some incredible moments of fortune. A turtle floating hanging out with me for an hour at the Great Barrier Reef, the perfect light showing up while on a remote island in the Philippines or the rain clearing while out on a jungle hike. It’s the misadventure that makes the adventure and it is much the same with photography, which is why I’m stoked to share with you some of my favorite moments from the last four years in the form of prints that I hope you will be stoked on to and might consider picking one up for your wall at home.


The prints start from $60 AUD, which is just $40 USD and then increase from there as the sizing of the print and frame style get bigger and bigger. You can purchase canvas prints, framed matted prints, or framed with a gloss finish so they can be tailored to the style of your room and home. 

For the first week, I’ve added ten images to the print store. I’ll add more in the coming months but if you want to check out what prints are for sale this week you can click here to head on over: PRINT STORE

Below are some of the prints I’ve selected for the first drop.