Our first full day in Raja Ampat was quite relaxed by the standards of this adventurous trip. We did 3 scuba dives throughout the day and visited a secluded island for lunch. I’ve figured out my favorite part of scuba diving is watching sharks, of which we saw many today. We also spotted large schools of fish in the warm waters of Raja Ampat. I’ve now down over 20 dives. Who would’ve thought a month ago that would be the case when I hadn’t done a single dive in my life. It’s still warm, there’s no rain and we are on an isolated island so nocomplaints here.

The diving experience in Indonesia has been unreal. I often just spin on my back and stare at thousands of fish overhead.

The weather has been quite overcast so instead of shooting the beaches, I worked a few portraits with some of our guides/photographers for the trip Leya and Uca. I’m shooting with the Ziess 55mm 1.8. Capturing the essence of a person is something I have been working on for a year now. Combining that with capturing the shot in a sharp well-composed image is something that takes time to master and is a skillset I am slowly improving. Exploring India definitely helped me to develop my portrait skills.


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