Day 7 & Day 8 on The Trip of Wonders were transit days so I combined them into one post here on my blog and on Facebook. We were heading from Flores to Raja Ampat, an unlikely route that required four flights in two days. I think I’ve flown on over 40 fights already this year! Before our flight, we visited a local village in the hills of Flores. They performed a traditional dance before we hung out in their village for the morning.

The performance was awesome and if you follow me on Instagram and watched my story you would have seen me in action. The older women of the village took a liking to me, which isn’t the first time on this trip! They were all staring at me and giggling before one of them pointed at me and called me Jesus. As usual, I photographed the performers, people and children of the village on my 55mm.

I’ve been challenging myself on this trip to think more creatively, shoot more creatively and to chase unique angles and shots. It’s easy to get stuck pointing at the main attraction, so like most aspects of my life I look at what everyone else is doing and try and do the opposite. I’ve also been pushing myself to edit and curate the photos each night. It means some nights I sleep less but it’s all part of the adventure and I feel great having produced something at the end of each day.

Next flew to Makassar for the night. Two more flights the next day and we were in Raja Ampat. This is a destination that has been on my bucket list for a long time now. It’s quite an isolated destination to get to, which makes it a more lightly traveled destination compared to many spots in the tourism mecca that is Indonesia.  Our second flight was only 15 mins!! Surely that is one of the shortest flights in the world!

We are staying at Raja Ampat Dive Resort, which is an incredible beachside resort in the middle of nowhere. With only a couple of hours to explore before sunset, we enjoyed the pier and went for a swim before I headed back to my wooden bungalow to write this Facebook post and add a photo blog.

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