Day 6 on the Trip of Wonders in Indonesia began a little earlier than your average day. At 3:40 am I rolled out of bed, jumped in a boat and then hiked up a hill to catch what would be one of the best sunrises of my 2017. At around 5:30 am the sun rose over the horizon as I stood atop a hill on Gili Lawa in Komodo National Park. It was one of those sunrises that just keeps on giving. The pre, the rise, and the post were all phenomenal.

A quick breakfast back at our live aboard and then we were off to scuba. It was an awesome dive in a bit of a dangerous spot with a notoriously wild current. As soon as we dropped in and made our descent, I was yards away from a White Tip Shark, the first shark I have seen underwater. Our second dive was more of a float 20m under the water as we let the current do most of the work. We hung out with giant Manta Rays and Turtles before completing our last dive in Komodo.

After our last dive and even in between the two dives we had plenty of time to chill on the live aboard and snorkel, jump from the roof or just hang out. It’s been awesome to have constant sun without even having to check the weather. I’m feeling pretty tired from 5 hrs max a night for a week but simultaneously feeling full of life and buzzing for the next day.

Tonight we cruised back to Labuan Bajo town and will begin our journey to Raja Ampat tomorrow! 

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