It is the middle of the Trip of Wonders and the late nights of editing are starting to catch up with me. However, the relentless adventure chasing hasn’t slowed in the slightest, in fact, it has accelerated if anything. Today I woke as the sun shone in through the windows of my second-floor bedroom on our liveaboard at six in the morning. It’s amazing how a wake-up call from mother nature provides you with the energy you need to jump out of bed.

Breakfast aboard the boat with everyone with the salty air blowing through the open dining area was a beautiful kick start before we boarded our smaller boat and headed to Rinca Island. We came in search of Komodo Dragons and were lucky enough to not only find them lounging the common areas but to also witness some territory wars. One komodo dragon was guarding a nest when another approached before a crazy chase all the way up the hill ensued.

After hanging out with the dragons we hit a small viewpoint on Rinca Island and three of us pulled out our drones and sent them out over the cerulean waters. I am still learning how to fly but it’s so freaking cool checking out landscapes like these from 500m in the air.

The morning was sweet but we were here to scuba dive. Our first mission of the day was to check out Manta Point and swim with some Giant Manta Rays. After swimming a few kilometers in total in less than an hour I was dead! However, we had another dive at Batu Bolong. Huge underwater cliffs were crowded with thousands of fish and we saw a few turtles and even a small shark.



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