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I’m overwhelmed right now. I know why I’m overwhelmed and this positive overload of emotions is under control. For the last two years, Raja Ampat has been on my bucket list. I had seen photos all over social media and the internet and heard that it was quite isolated.

I had never even considered diving here, but it was the amazing landscape that had me dreaming of standing at a viewpoint overlooking islets in cerulean water.

Today my dream became a reality. After a scuba dive with sharks, amazing coral gardens and gigantic schools of fish, we were headed to Piaynemo Island. You have likely never heard of this island but I can imagine it will be edging its way up your to-do list if you continue to read this blog post.

As soon as we passed the first islet, I had a strange feeling running through my body. It’s not often I am overwhelmed by a location or so emotional about an attraction. When you travel nonstop the wow factor inevitably rubs off slightly. It was one of those awesome moments where a tingle strikes and ripples throughout your entire body, awakening you to your being and your life.

In that moment I couldn’t believe that I was sitting in a boat in my dream location, surrounded by great people and this was considered ‘work’.

Our boat pulled into the dock and we were offered coconuts on arrival. Most of our group stopped to have a drink and relax but I wasn’t here for a refreshing drink. I started to ascend the stairs to the viewpoint and I felt full of adventure as I leaped up each stair.

When I reached the top and ran across to the edge of the viewpoint I was honestly feeling quite emotional. Most of my close friends will lament and complain about my lack of excitement or emotion. Usually, a good view doesn’t elicit much of a loud reaction from me, but I think I had built up this destination to the point where it was a momentous occasion to be here, alone at the top of the view looking out over the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever laid eyes on.

We hung out at the top for more than an hour shooting, enjoying and flying drones before cruising back down to the dock to test out the GoPro dome and hit up some cliff jumping on the sharp rocks. All the time I’m slapping myself, wondering how this all happened. It’s something that’s happening more and more often lately.

I put in a ton of hard work but days like these, awesome days like these, wouldn’t be possible without the support of those who read and support my content, my friends, and my family.

Today one of my dreams came true and I am lost for words looking at the images on my screen while I consider just how lucky I am.


Monday 4th of September 2017

Awesome Blog, really love your photos! Is it possible to get a unedited Raw/jpg file to see how they look without color correction? Some of these pictures look like you used a dome port. Is it still the gopro or did you buy a underwater housing for your sony? Thanks!