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After making it back down from Mount Baloy, I pulled up with a bit of a light quad strain. After much deliberation and a few little tests, I had to make the unfortunate decision to call off the rest of the trilogy. They would have to wait for another time.

I think the combo of the bike and hike cooked my hip flexors and psoas a little too much and the light strain was a warning sign from my body. With a climb and group trip on the near horizon in Pakistan, I begrudgingly decided to pack it in. That’s life and you need to roll with the punches and be quick to make alternative plans.

So, off I set on a bus to Ilo-Ilo, completing the journey in just three hours. It had taken me two days to reach Valderrama on the bike. I then took an overnight ferry to Cebu, picked up my suitcase, and took another ferry to Bohol with luggage and my bike. Here, I was greeted by Pem at the harbor. Not wanting to aggravate the injury any further, I threw the bike on top of the tuk-tuk and didn’t ride it again for the rest of my time in Bohol.

I had originally only planned to have five days with Pema in Bohol. However, this little injury provided a bitter-sweet outcome. Obviously ending the trip short was disappointing but it gave me some extra time to hang out with Pema before going rogue in Pakistan and Europe for the remainder of the summer.

For the last few days of the week, I laid low, catching up on vlogs and some work while relaxing and letting my body decompress from the stress of the bikepacking trip. Next week on Bohol would be a little more adventurous with some activities beneath the surface.