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Every time there is discomfort the human mind seeks comfort. We had weeks of jeeps, trekking in dust, no showers, toilets made of rocks, delays, and harsh weather. It was all worth it for the incredible experience and views along the K2 Basecamp Trek but the body was asking for at least one day of not being called upon. After three weeks of stress on the body, it was seeking homeostasis.

We were at the hotel in Skardu after the trek and had a 50-minute flight back to Islamabad where we could rest up, have a shower and collect ourselves. However, the flight was canceled and our new option was a two-day van ride along cliff-side, rocky roads. The adventure continued and we journeyed back the long way. This anecdote isn’t a complaint or gripe with travel just a recount of the ups and downs you will find on the sides of great adventures in faraway lands.

After two days of military escorts, roadside stops, more delays, and very interesting roads, we wound our way back to the hotel in Islamabad. The air-conditioning in the lobby felt foreign as did the warm water coming out of the showerhead. It would take just 24-hours for the comforts of civilization to lose their allure.

I spent a couple of days of editing, typing and curating the photos and articles. All were caught up. The body had a chance to relax and reach its desired homeostasis. We reached the tipping point on day four and began to look forward to the next adventure. It’s fascinating how quickly you move on both physically and mentally. Having experience with these fast transitions you crave the comforts less while uncomfortable in the field or on the trek.

Rested up, recovered, and caught up on work, our focus now shifts to the next trip. We will make a two-week journey to Hunza to explore some hikes and viewpoints before returning to Islamabad before our big climb of Spantik. Here are a few frames of us not in homeostasis on the trek.

Rashid Jahanzib

Friday 20th of August 2021

It was exciting to read the article. I felt like I too am set on adventure with with you guys.

Keep on rocking!


Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Cheers :)

Mian kamran Ilyas

Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Impressive Congrats