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Congratulations we’ve made it to the halfway point of the year. 2020 seems to be a bit more about survival than anything else. Some have struggled more than others through no fault of their own but the overall impact on most people’s finances, movements, jobs, and families has been a net-negative.

Looking back on the first half of the year for me personally, it hasn’t been as action-packed as other years but keeping everything in perspective, it was still a pretty good ride.

  • I spent the first month in the summer of Adelaide preparing for the year.
  • I then headed to Cebu for a month, rented my apartment for the year, and got my cycling and running for the year started. There were a few adventures around Cebu to waterfalls and beaches throughout the month.
  • I headed off to Japan in March for three weeks of exploring in the southern island of Kyushu. Volcanoes, hikes, waterfalls, and lots of driving in what would be my last campaign for a while.
  • After Japan, I had a week in Indonesia with Project Hiu, a shark conservation trip in Lombok.
  • After Lombok, I was scheduled to fly back to Cebu to my apartment but in the uncertain times of a global pandemic, I headed back to Adelaide, Australia. It was a safe move in an uncertain time.
  • For the last three months, I’ve been at my parent’s house in Adelaide bunkered down. I’ve published 60+ blog posts and caught up on lots of blog work, admin work and feel like I’m on top of it all after four hectic years. I’ve also had a chance to build a solid fitness base with three months of cycling and running.

A mellow philippines trip, Japan exploration and quick trip in Indonesia isn’t a bad run for half a year but compared to previous years, it is slow going. I’ve tried to use this slower period to be completely on top of my blog work and business set up and feel pretty good about my productivity levels in these strange times.

That’s pretty much a wrap on the first six months of the year. This week itself was pretty solid with 200km of riding, 30km of trail running, and a couple of blog posts in between all that. I’ve continued my break from my camera but took a few phone snaps from moments during the week, which you’ll find below.