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It’s confirmed and booked! I am heading to Athens, Greece for five days to work on a project with a few huge brands and organizations. I will be able to disclose the brands at a later date. On the 4th of April at 4 am I am flying from Trivandrum, India to Athens and as soon as I arrive I will hit the ground running. There is no time for jet lag, it will be a drop the bags and go kind of trip.

In the months of March and April, my travels have transformed from a mix of adventure and relaxation to transit, travel and press trips. I will have visited five countries including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Greece and then finally midway through April I will be in Guatemala.

A lot of the time I am on what most would consider a holiday. However, I am always working hard during the night creating content, promoting the content and freelancing. On the press trips, there is no time for relaxation. You are either on the go with a tour or sightseeing or quickly creating some content at midnight to produce some fresh content for your blog.

In between all of this I need to find time to workout at the hotel gym or on the grass at a park and eat healthily. Life in this period has become about balance, commitment to my goals and dedication to the cause. My motivation for my work and for experiencing new cultures make it easy to stay on track and find focus.

The two-week press trip in Kerala, India is almost over. It is the last day today as we catch a train to Trivandrum. There will be a gala dinner tonight to bring the journey to a close. For the most part, the experience was awesome. I met some seriously cool people who are doing amazing things.

Traveling with 30 people is something I would prefer not to do again. Often things can run very slowly and having to coordinate so many different types of people can be hard for the trip organizers. However, for the opportunity to see Kerala, India it was definitely worth it.

I am definitely looking forward to some solo travel to Greece and then a much quieter time from then onwards.

Hope you all had a great week!