The wings have been clipped for many and many of us have had to return to our hometown, our base, our nest. A consistent theme has been surfacing in a number of conversations with people from many countries recently. People are realizing that they have never discovered the gems in their own backyard, take their holidays in far-flung lands but never stopped to delve into the attractions looming in their hometowns. 

Of course, it’s natural to want to experience something completely unique but given that many of us are in lockdown, behind closed borders or being encouraged not to ‘travel’, it seems a perfect time to explore some of our nearby attractions. 

Since I’ve been back in Adelaide for the past three months, I’ve decided to try and run a different trail every Sunday. I’ve repeated a couple but I’ve managed to do more than 10 different trails now and have a list of new routes if this lockdown continues. 

While not a single one of them has been better than most of the hikes or trails in Switzerland, that’s not the point. You have to make the most of what you have and luckily for me, Adelaide and South Australia are pretty damn good. 

I’ve decided I’ll put together a blog post of all the trails I’ve been running so far. There’s already a trail running website in South Australia that does a pretty good job but it’s always nice to share the personal photos and experience for those looking for more than just the details and a map. I’ll get onto that before I leave Adelaide.

As the tradition goes in lockdown, I’m not shooting many photos but do put my phone photos in these Weekly editions as a glimpse into my week and as a memory for me. So, here’s this week’s photos. Hope you all had a great week.

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