We all know 2020 has been a year of changing plans, rolling with the punches and going with the flow. We’ve had to continually adapt to the ever-changing aspects of our lives. This saw me spend five months in Adelaide, Australia. I’ve now been in Madeira for almost 2.5 months and there is no departure date in sight. I will definitely be here into November, which will take me beyond three months on Madeira Island.

There’s no shortage of hikes, adventures and things to do on the island but it’s still strange nonetheless for me to spend such a long stint in two locations this year. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if I found myself on Madeira for Christmas. With so much uncertainty on mainland Europe and the rest of the world, I am cautious when making any moves away from this island that has allowed me to hike, explore and create during a time when it’s not possible in so many places around the world.

I always try and steer conversations away from the pandemic and planning for the future because there’s nothing certain about either. A speculative conversation is more a series of questions rather than plans. In a sense, they can be a bit of a waste of breath. As it has been all year, it’s better to plan a month in advance and do your best to live each week and then move onto the next. For many of us who like to plan ahead, this isn’t easy but 2020 is a year of adaptation, not simplicity.

This week was another round of adventures on Madeira Island as I’m starting to ramp up the hikes. These are some of my favorite snaps from the week.

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  1. Nelson Berenguer

    I understand you man, strange times we’re facing and hard to plan ahead, especially with this second wave. But nevertheless I’m glad you found us and having (I hope) a great time here. Not the best place in our world (there’s so many) but a great place in our planet and in these strange times a relative safe haven so do what this place is meant to be, get your bearings right enjoy your stay plan the future and don’t forget about us. Oh of course stay safe and best of luck in your adventures

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