Our plane took off from Bali as I embarked on a personal milestone journey with a group of strangers I’m sure are soon to be friends. One year ago I was invited on my first ever media trip by Indonesia Tourism Board, fast forward to today and I have been invited back for another Indonesia adventure.

I’ve grown so much since my first ever media trip in Indonesia and am feeling incredibly blessed to be back on a scuba focused trip to Alor, Komodo and Raja Ampat.

We landed today in Alor, an island in the Indonesian archipelago. Arriving just before sunset we shot off in a bus up into the mountains to Takpala Village to witness the Abui Tribe performing traditional dances and rituals. We also had the opportunity to observe their dress, village and of course their playfulness, smiles, and character.

I was particularly captivated by one of the male performers, who was armed with a bow and arrow. He welcomed me to shoot his portrait while I worked a number of different angles and techniques in what was perfect lighting. On this 12-day journey, a lot of the photography will be happening underwater, so it was awesome to get the opportunity to shoot on land with some genuinely unique people before we get wet for 18 scuba dives in 10 days.


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