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This has been a trying few weeks but that’s life right? It’s not always hiking trails, mountain huts, and fun adventures. Seriously though, hats off to anyone who has done a serious stint on crutches. Two weeks in a moon boot and then two weeks on crutches was a struggle. Every time you move, it’s an effort and it starts to wear you down after a while.

I did my best to keep in a positive mindset and keep things rolling. I crutched around the outdoor gym getting in a workout each day, some outdoor time, and a coffee afterward. This routine kept me sane and gave me some structure to an otherwise obscure existence where I relied on others and felt a lack of motivation at times. The ups and downs of an injury and recovery.

During this time, I honestly struggled for motivation to get cracking on some work I needed to do on this blog. I always go through phases where the work habits come and go at an easier cadence but I can definitely recognize that it was lacking during this period. The injury is one aspect but it doesn’t help when travel search is still 25% what it was pre-covid, such as two years ago. I’ve tried to keep working in a manner that assumes everything will bounce back once the pandemic fades away, which is fair logic regarding travel habits, but it can still be tough to persevere as the pandemic refuses to fade. Despite these obstacles, I’ve continued to publish evergreen content of value to travelers that I know will be useful for years to come and generate lots of views when travel is normality again. Doubling down on an educated gamble has always been my favorite play. Nothing has changed.

I’m working a lot with Ralph from RoamingRalph on my website, specifically the backend and SEO that you never see. His knowledge and enthusiasm have helped to keep me motivated to improve. So, thanks, Ralph. Also, thanks to my parents for helping keep me motivated, mobile, and assisting with all things a guy on crutches struggles with. Cheers to another week. Keep on keeping on.

Note: Took no photos this week except this one below at the outdoor gym so the featured photo is of my next destination, Oahu. Hopefully, the ankle will be in hiking shape by February to enjoy more hikes like that one featured above.