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90 weeks. Yikes. That’s a figure that puts this unquantifiable journey into a numerical perspective.

My 90th week on the road was spent in Bali. Yes, I am still here. I’ve made Bali my base for this three-week period in an attempt to recover my body, catch up on work and chill. It hasn’t been quite as chill and quiet as I had expected but that’s life. The beauty of this week, however, was the opportunity to spend my time at Outsite, a co-working and co-living accommodation in Canggu.

The more time I spend in co-working environments that more I have developed a respect for the simplicity they provide and the space in which they allow you to focus on your goals rather than the logistics of your travels.

Outsite is a small but spacious property. I liked to think of it as a hidden oasis amidst the craziness of Canggu. Yes, Canggu can be crazy, just spend a night stuck on the shortcut or trying to park at Old Man’s. This isn’t Kuta but Canggu isn’t a quiet beach town. That’s why Outsite does so well to position itself just on the outskirts of the action, enjoying its peaceful location with easy access to the hotspots of Canggu when need be.

Surrounding the palm tree laden pool are a handful of private villas. Digital nomads from all around the world converge at Outsite to hustle on their work but also enjoy Bali like the rest of us. However, what separates a place from Outsite from a normal villa or fancy hotel isn’t the fast Wifi or the acai bowl delivered to your room each morning. It is the community and the undeniable creative vibes that pour through the property and the people who quickly bond together and support each other.

The concept of Outsite is to bring together creatives and digital nomads to a space in which they can thrive not only on their work projects but in a new location. At Outsite we get the opportunity to enjoy Bali with like-minded co-workers and to experience the surf, sun, waterfalls and all that this island has to offer from the perfect base.

Nic and I did just that this week with a lengthy moped trip to the North to visit Aling Aling Falls and Git Git Falls. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive up the winding roads through the mountains to the north to reach these falls. Git Git turned out to be an atmospheric canyon with a booming fall shooting down the slot. It was an epic little spot that was actually an unexpected stop on our journey, which made it even more special!

We had heard about cliff jumping at Aling Aling and also that it was a 125,000 rupiah entry fee. These both turned out to be true and we paid for a guide who took us down the hill. The guide is necessary as the jumps are pretty high, the water is incredibly turbulent and there are a lot of things that could potentially go wrong in this area.

We started the day off with a 5m cliff jump and a 10m natural waterfall rock slide before stepping it up with a 10m and 15m backflip into the bottom of the waterfalls. Nic sent his highest ever backflip of 5m followed by his highest ever of 10m and then attempted a 15m, which has his back a little sore right about now!

This week has been about work/adventure balance and has given me a chance to attack a few big projects on my blog. Outsite has been the perfect work hub with our fellow creatives and also the perfect base for our adventures!

The photos and videos in this article were shot by my talented mate Nic Morley!

Jake Snow

Wednesday 25th of April 2018

I hope your giving him back rubdowns now Jack ?, limits definitely get pushed whenever you're around haha