Ask anyone from out of town about what there is to do in Adelaide and they will tell you not a lot. Ask a local and they won’t know where to start. Yes, that’s right, in little old Adelaide, there are plenty of awesome spots to check out. If you are are looking for an adrenaline rush here are a couple of the best spots cliff jumping spots in Adelaide, South Australia.

There is no shortage of cliff jumps in South Australia but if you are in town for a while there are plenty of other Adelaide attractions on offer such as Henley and Glenelg Beaches!

Second Valley Cliff Jumping

Just over an hours drive from Adelaide is a small family holiday region called Second Valley. Beautiful, dry mountains cast a stunning backdrop on crystal clear water during the summer. The pier/jetty at Second Valley drops into deep enough water to jump from. Of course you should check on the day before you jump too.

Around the corner is ‘Sharkies’, a popular cliff jumping spot. Just follow the coast around until you find a little cove. Jumps range from 1 meter all the way through to a 25 meter jump. Personally I have only jumped from the 6 meter and 15 meter, both of which I obviously survived and think are relatively safe. I cannot speak for the 25 meter jump and suggest leaving that one be unless you know what you are up to.

I wrote a dedicated blog post about cliff jumping at Second Valley with all the details, photos and videos.

Crystal Quarry in Adelaide

This site is fenced off and private property. It’s only a 15-minute drive from the center of Adelaide the Crystal Quarry is a perfect place to get some cliff jumping in besides being illegal. The old Crystal Quarry is full of pristine water and has jumps ranging from 6 meters to 15 meters. Make sure to check your landing zone before jumping in.

Port Noarlunga ‘Porties’

You might be thinking yeah great there are plenty of jetties/piers around Adelaide so why am I listing this one. The water is deep! In 2016 there were several instances of severe injuries incurred from jetty jumping in Adelaide at Henley Beach and Glenelg. Play it safe and jump in at Port Noarlunga where you know the water is far too deep to cause you any trouble. Having said that check the depth before you jump. The ocean is unpredictable. The jump from the jetty/pier at Porties is about 6 meters depending if you jump from the rail or not. Port Noarlunga also has a reef, which is great for snorkeling.

Getting ready

Up for an adventure in SA? How about an Innes National Park Camping weekend?

If you know any more spots that should be added to the list comment below.

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    Great post. I’m originally from Adelaide and head back for Xmas this year and I’m really keen to get some info on how to access this place. I scoped it out a couple of years ago but couldn’t work out how to get in.. Even if you could direct me to a reddit page or something.

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