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Casaroro Falls In Valencia, Negros: The Ultimate Guide

Casaroro Falls In Valencia, Negros: The Ultimate Guide

Casaroro Falls is an incredible single-drop waterfall in the mountain region of Valencia. Just a 20-minute drive from the town of Dumaguete on Negros Island, this gem is one of many amazing waterfalls in the region. To reach the falls, there is a short hike down a few hundred stairs before a short river trek.


In this blog post, I will cover everything you need to know about Casaroro Falls. I’ll fill you in on the entrance fees, the facilities nearby, the difficulty of the hike, and how to get there.


Casaroro Falls is located in the mountainous region of Valencia, which is on the eastern side of Negros Island. Just 13 kilometers from Dumaguete, it’s very accessible for a day trip from the coast. I’ve attached the pin location to the map below to help you find the exact spot.


  • Duration: The hike can be done in about 30-minutes down. You can then expect to hang out for 20-30 minutes at the waterfall before hiking back up. In total, about 1.5 hours is a good amount of time to spend visiting Casaroro Falls.
  • Incline: There are 335 stairs to descend on the way into the gorge to reach Casaroro Falls, which makes for a steep journey on the return. In total 250m of incline can be expected.
  • Distance: The hike is 1.5 kilometers each way for a total of three kilometers.
  • Difficulty: The hike is fairly straightforward and easy although there are a few factors that can add a small element of danger. Firstly, the stairs are quite slippery and so are many of the rocks as you cross the river and follow the trail alongside it. Secondly, 250 meters of incline may be a big challenge for some so it may be tough for elderly visitors. Thirdly, you may need to cross the river in some sections depending on the level of the water so be prepared for some action in the water.


The entrance fee is paid at the Limotakkna restaurant, which is situated right at the entrance to the stairs. In 2022, the entrance fee was just 20 pesos, which is about 50 cents

No guide is required for this hike and the trail is pretty obvious. The only reason you may want a guide is if you are a beginner hiker and are nervous about trekking in and around the river with slippery rocks. For most people, no guide is necessary if you are just visiting Casaroro Falls.



After cycling all the way up the steep hills from Dauin, I arrived at the Limotakkna restaurant and enjoyed a nice lunch. It’s actually an amazing view from the restaurant.

While you can’t actually see any waterfalls, you can enjoy the lush forest and mountain backdrop through the open-plan dining area. The food is relatively cheap and pretty good considering it is quite a remote place and in a tourist location. Can definitely recommend it for a pre or post-waterfall meal.

The trail down to Casaroro Falls begins right next to the restaurant underneath the big metal Casaroro sign. You will head down 335 stairs that wind their way through the dense trees and ferns. These steps were quite mossy and I almost slipped a few times. These staircases are truly stunning as they cut their way through the thick foliage on either side.

After about 10-minutes of descending the stairs, you will reach the edge of the river. It’s now time to turn to the right and trek up alongside the river by following the path.

Often the river floods or overflows causing damage to the path and the small bridges that lead to the falls. I visited just after a major typhoon and many of the bridges and paths had been obliterated. I had to jump a few rocks and make several impromptu river crossings to navigate up towards the falls.

After one final river crossing and twenty minutes of traversing upstream, I catch my first glimpse of the might Casaroro Falls. It’s an incredible amphitheater where the single-drop waterfall of 100 feet pours down into the basin below. Surrounded by lush, green ferns and moss-covered walls, it is truly an amazing scene.


I was lucky to enjoy this spot all alone but this is quite a big tourist spot and is known as the most photographed waterfall in Negros. This is in part due to its ease of access and proximity to the main town of Dumaguete. I imagine on the weekends the restaurant is packed with many daytrippers enjoying their taste of nature.

The trek back up isn’t too bad and takes just half an hour. The 335 stairs may give you a tiny workout but they don’t last long and are a good way to build up an appetite for a snack at Limotakkna.

I actually stayed at my friend’s hut nearby, which he built with his bare hands. However, there aren’t too many accommodations directly nearby. There are a couple of resorts a few kilometers down the road but at that rate, you may aswell just stay in Dumaguete or in Valencia proper.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to visiting Casaroro Falls in Valencia. Enjoy your hike!


Saturday 10th of February 2024

No swimming there I take it, surely it would have been mentioned. I wall check it out none the less...

Elvinia Raul

Thursday 16th of November 2023

Thank you for the information.

Roger Svensson

Monday 30th of October 2023

I found it challenging... I live in a 2 story condo with bath rm. upstairs so plenty of leg workout... I walk a min. of 2 km a day thru jungle terrain in Bacong. I am 79 but also a free diver, cyclist(once/wk) but not overweight... The day after I did the falls I can barely go up & down my condo stairs... so folks beware.... know your limits 🙂 Rog S.

Rebecca Celera

Wednesday 5th of July 2023

Thank you, we will be in valencia on july 16 sunday and we are not fit like you. Probably best to be the earliest travelers.