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This week was what Madeira is all about. Hiking up to epic peaks through thick jungle trails and then recovering the next day by watching some incredible big waves from the terrace of a small coastal village. You just don’t get that many places in the world.

I began my photography journey by shooting bodyboarding and surfing on the island of Oahu. Each day in the summer of 2015, I would sit on a chair on the sand, shooting the shorebreak. Thousands of photos each day as I learnt what worked and what didn’t through trial and error. Eventually I honed my craft enough to shoot some nice photos of the big waves on the North Shore of Oahu. I was never a professional photographer but it helped guide me on my way to being more proficient behind the lens.

This week was reminiscent of those early days as I set up in the village to shoot some of the best waves Jardim do Mar has seen in a long time. Surfers came from around the world to ride on 15m+ waves right in front of the small village. It was relaxing and grounding for me and something I’d like to do more, just as a hobby.

I also got out on a number of hikes as per usual but battled some rainy and stormy weather. Pema and I hung out in Porto da Cruz where we had a few days of sunshine before the storms battered us for a few days straight. It was time to recover the legs and prepare for a big November of hiking and exploring as the Madeira journey continued.

I still have no idea how long I’ll stay on Madeira but as the rest of mainland Europe has more and more outbreaks and subsequently tightens the lockdowns with stricter rules… I’m in no rush to leave. A bit of stability is what 2020 has been all about and I’m smart enough not to fight it. I’m in a great place and grateful to be here.

These are some of my favorite photos from the surf and from the mountains that I shot this week!

Ricky De Agrela

Sunday 7th of March 2021

Thank you very much for hardwork in creating the Awesome blog on hiking in Madeira. ?

Paulo Ornelas

Sunday 15th of November 2020

Fantastic photos Jackson. Congratulations! Madeira is beautiful ??