Thousands turned out today in the city of Adelaide in solidarity with Minneapolis, justice for George Floyd, and the fight against racism in the U.S.A. It was also an important day to look at life in our own backyard where Indigenous Australians and other minorities also battle against systemic racism and still fight to this day for a ‘fair go’.

George Floyd died at the hands of police while in custody and his horrific death has sparked protests across the globe. In our country there have been 434 deaths of Indigenous Australians in police custody since 1991 with no officer convictions or consequences. This isn’t an American issue it is well and truly our issue as well and today thousands joined together to ask the question of those in power for answers.

On a personal level, I gained significant insight while listening to the speeches of Indigenous leaders and with calls of ‘Enough is enough!’, it was clear to hear the frustration and fatigue of the Indigenous community.

The moment that hit me the hardest was to hear the recital of a poem written by the late David Dungay Junior, who died in police custody. David was pinned down by six officers while he pleaded 12 times, ‘I can’t breathe’. Sound familiar? Here is a poem called ‘Life Inside’ written by the late David Dungay Junior.

How can they lock us away with no regard
They don’t care or that’s how it seems
and they take away our hopes and dreams
Until we are out and free
this is how our lives are to be
It’s unfair and this we know
just waiting and waiting for our time to go
It makes us angry
it makes us mad
it breaks our heart and makes us sad
and we tell ourselves that nothing’s wrong
because we keep in mind that life goes on.


These are all photos I took on 6/6/20 in Adelaide at the BLM Rally

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