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Is Holafly the best eSIM for international travel?

Is Holafly the best eSIM for international travel?

For those who love to travel, it can always be hard to find the ideal phone deal that allows you to hop from country to country without having to worry about those additional roaming charges. Well, what if I was to tell you that I have the solution that will leave you no longer worrying about this struggle. Have you heard of Holafly eSIM? You can explore the world while staying connected with the help of an eSIM. It is an eSIM for international travel that I have been using recently so I will share my experience with you.

Having a phone deal which lets me stay connected through the internet whilst traveling is so important, so finding the an eSIM for international travel that did exactly that without any additional charges was a must. I am able to keep in touch with friends and family at home whilst meeting new people on my travels and be able to contact them with ease. I also love that I am able to search for additional travel information that I need to know there and then without the worry of having to find the nearest public WIFI.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in getting your hands on then I’d suggest to keep reading as I am going to share with you my Holafly eSIM review as well as how it all works. Most importantly, I’ll share the factors that differentiate Holafly from other eSIM options.



If you haven’t heard of an eSIM before let’s quickly cover what this is. This is a digital sim embedded into your mobile device, rather than a physical sim that you need to change depending on which country you are traveling to. The great thing about the Holafly is that they offer the ability to use their eSIM for international travel across more than 200 destinations, with unlimited data being available in over 140 destinations. I don’t know of any other prepaid eSIM providing this and I find it really useful the range of countries that it is available in when traveling.

Imagine that, being able to use your internet connection wherever you may be in the world and lose the worry of being overcharged for roaming charges when using your phone or not being able to use it at all. Being able to buy eSIM online whilst planning your next trip also assists you in being able to tick that off your to-do list. Something I found really handy was that I got to decide when to activate it. This meant that I could plan ahead for my trip and purchase my chosen plan but didn’t need to start using it on the day I got it.


I am currently based in Madeira (Portugal) and do a lot of travel across other European destinations for certain projects I am working on. I am originally being from Australia, so I also need to contact home. Knowing that the unlimited internet data I get on this eSIM for international travel is without any hidden charges is vital for me with hopping to over to other locations. Having to either change to different sims or be hit with an overpriced bill from my trip would be a huge inconvenience. Also knowing that my phone apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage still worked the same was really helpful.

To try out the Holafly eSIM, I decided that I was going to go for a European deal eSIM that would last 8-days while heading over to destinations such as Istanbul or Chamonix. I wanted to see how it would benefit me and if it was worth using more often in the future. I found really intriguing to discover that Holafly eSIM was actually created by travelers. They had first hand experience with the frustration of not having access to the internet in certain locations. Finding this out made me want to learn more about the Holafly eSIM and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint.

It ran as my normal sim data does, just with the additional plus of being able to use my phone wherever I was, without it suddenly disconnecting. The best part about using this Holafly eSIM is that the internet data is unlimited, there was never a worry for me if I was going to run out or a need to buy more credit. Traveling for projects means I also have to work on the go, so when I discovered that I could hotspot from my phone to my laptop I was even more onboard, and it is so easy to set up. Being able to hotspot to my computer is massive and a huge plus for any digital nomads considering which eSIM to choose.

I’m sure everyone has had that panic of not being able to connect to any internet when first landing in a new destination. All I had to do when I switched my phone back on was head into the eSIM settings and click data roaming on and I was back online within moments. It was great knowing that I was always going to have strong connection as it hooks up to the local internet provider so that the service runs at a normal speed.

Being able to explore the world without limits with the help of eSIM from Holafly relives the stress of me worrying about not having an internet connection or having to find the nearest public WIFI. Do you want to learn how easy it is to buy eSIM online and then set it up?


When it comes to discovering the most ideal eSIM to you, Holafly provides fantastic deals. Setting this eSIM apart from others is that it is up to you when you decide to activate your purchased deal. This means when it comes to planning your trip, you can pre-order the eSIM that you prefer but don’t need to set it up until just before your travels or during. You can even set it up on one device and then later transfer it to another, which is another key feature to consider.

Three key benefits to using Holafly prepaid eSIM is that you will receive unlimited data, have no roaming charges and choose how many days you would like to use it for. When setting up, it is one of the simplest eSIM to activate. They provide a step by step set up process which guides you from purchasing the eSIM to downloading onto your phone and beginning to use.

To make this even easier, I am going to show you how I did mine.


To secure and set up your Holafly eSIM, the first thing you will need to do is head over to their website and choose the package most suited to you. Once you have bought this they are then going to send you an email with further instructions on and your QR code to set up your eSIM, just like how it is shown below.

Holafly eSIM for international travel
Holafly eSIM for international travel

The way that Holafly has created the step by step process to set up your eSIM leaves no stone unturned. It really is laid out to support you through every part, which is what makes is such a brilliant eSIM for international travel.

Following on from installing the eSIM you will then need to activate it once you are ready to use it. Below you can the next step by step process to make this happen. A fantastic benefit of using Holafly is that they have a 24-hour online chat service to answer any questions you may have or support you in any technical issues that may occur.

Once you have set up and activated your Holafly eSIM for international travel, you need to head back into your phone settings and click on the ‘mobile service’ again. You will find that your eSIM information has appeared under your normal sim. Go into the eSIM and make sure that your mobile data is now using the Holafly eSIM with ‘allow mobile data switching’ being turned off. Now you are good to go.

I also really like that they have a downloadable app for IOS and android that hosts easy access to find out other plans they have, your current and past eSIMs, as well as even more support for set up and use.


You can use a Holafly eSIM for as little as one day or as much as 90 days. The more days you purchase for the unlimited internet data packages, the cheaper each day will cost. Some fantastic countries that you can use this prepaid eSIM, and that I have also benefited from, are Portugal, London and Milan – These are also covered in the European regional plan which prices are listed in the table below. Head over to Holafly to buy eSIM online for your next trip. The below table shares the cost of some of the European Holafly eSIM deals.

Amount of days of usePriceCost per day
1 day$9.00$9.00
7 days$39.00$5.57
14 days$64.00$4.57
30 days$100.00$3.33
60 days$143.00$2.38
90 days$187.00$2.07
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When it comes to country hopping, finding a reliable and affordable deal that is going to let you have freedom with internet on your phone is vital. Whether it’s for a week vacation or a long time period of travelling. For me, discovering Holafly eSIM for international travel has saved me a lot of research time to find the perfect package and cut down on costs when purchasing one. The fact that I can connect online with ease and keep in contact with people across other countries is a convenient benefit that it provides. Knowing that I can hotspot from it too is my favourite part, as this means I am able to work from wherever I am.

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