air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

Lombok is waterfall wonderland. Around each new corner is a waterfall more epic than the last. After hiking Mt. Rinjani we woke up at 330 am in Senaru and headed to Bukit Selong rice fields, which is an epic sunrise viewpoint area. After the sunrise, we continued to drive down south, eventually ending up in Central Lombok after a 2.5-hour journey. Our end goal was to visit Benang Stokel Waterfall or Benang Stoke Air Terjun as goes the local name.

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How to get to Benang Stokel Waterfall

What we didn’t know about Benang Stokel Waterfall was that there are actually five waterfalls. What a jackpot!

You will need to do a bit of negotiating. The locals quickly grab you and lead you into the office and try and lock you into a guided tour for 80,000 rupiah or $7 USD. The board at the entrance say 30,000 rupiah entry fee which is just over $2 USD. In the end, we managed to let them head in for just the entry fee to their disappointment. You will definitely not need a guide to visit all the falls but if you prefer one it isn’t too expensive, just a few dollars extra.

Once you are inside you begin the trek. It is a very, very short trek to the first falls and actually more of a walk. After about 10-15 minutes you will arrive at Benang Stokel Falls and also next to it is the ‘jumping spot’.

We cruised straight towards Benang Stokel Falls and there was only one other tourist there. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Three epic falls flow down into a very shallow pool. No jumping into this one.

air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

We explored in and around the falls for over an hour even getting back behind the falls. This was just the beginning.

Next, we headed down to the ‘jumping spot’. It’s about an 11-meter waterfall into an amazing little canyon. Vines hang everywhere as light battles to reach the small creek flowing beneath the falls. As my friend was checking the depth he almost leaned on a green snake. Welcome to Lombok.

After a depth check (Always a must) and a deep breath, I decided to kick the jumps off for the afternoon. The climb out means you have to walk back through the canyon for a few minutes and do some basic rock-climbing back out of the canyon. By no means hard but if you are looking for an easy ladder out this isn’t the spot.

air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

Benang Kelambu Waterfall

It then started pouring! Half of our crew headed for cover and three of us continued on to  Benang Kelambu Falls. It was the fifth fall and we decided we would skip the 3rd and 4th because of time and the rain. Let me know if that was a mistake and we should have visited them.

We ran through the rain and made it to Benang Kelambu Falls in record time. It was a really unique waterfall. An epic wall of vines hides multiple cascades that flow, quietly down the wall. I’ve never seen anything like it and felt like I was in a scene from a movie. A few locals played in the man-made pools at the bottom of the falls and we helped them practice their English for a while before making the sprint back during a break in the rain.

air terjun benang stokel, benang stokel

If you can make it into central Lombok, it is definitely worth the effort. The Benang Stokel waterfall area is like an adventurer’s playground. We could have spent days here!

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