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After almost 3 weeks on Koh Samui it was time to head to Krabi for my final 10 days in Thailand. I try and spend about a month in each country I visit, which usually coincides with the visa period also.

I slept in the sun during the 1 hour ferry trip before boarding a bus to Ao Nang. My hostel was actually a block back from the beach and only $8 a night so I was pretty stoked with the location. As it’s the low season it is pretty dead and only two other guys were in the dormitory room.

I have been up to a few adventures this week. The stand out day for me was renting a kayak for $10 and spending the day paddling around all the nearby islands and beaches. I paddled to Railay Beach, which is close to the most amazing beach I have ever visited. Huge cliffs create a stunning backdrop for the long stretch of white sand and coconut palms.

ao nang, railay beach viewpoint, ao nang hiking, ao nang backpacking, railay beach

I didn’t waste too much time relaxing on the beach as I began to look for a hiking route. I found one down the end of the beach and began trekking up the steep cliff. No-one else seemed interested with the trail, too concerned with enjoying the beach and relaxing in the sun. I was the only one on the cliff the entire time I was hiking.

It was one of the harder climbs I had ever done to reach the Railay Beach Viewpoint, but after pulling myself up vertical rock walls with ropes I made it to the viewpoint to overlook the entire bay.

Going down was pretty scary as I was putting all of my trust in the ropes as I clambered down the rock wall. Once down I decided to kayak around the corner to check out Phrang An Cave, which was a cave full of spiritual offerings on yet another stunning beach.

ao nang, railay beach viewpoint, ao nang hiking, ao nang backpacking, railay beach

I have now moved out of the hostel and will began a week of sponsored hotel accommodations with several villas and resorts in Krabi and Koh Lanta. I will be creating some content for them and helping to promote their accommodations.

I am always open to a chat and the best place to get me is on Instagram @jackson.groves
Let me know if you have any questions and hope you all had a great week!


Accommodation: $50

Food: $60

Transport: $20 ( 1 day moped rental/Ferry from Koh Samui)

Other: $10 (Kayak rental)

Total: $140