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I’m back to a place that seems to always find its way back into my life. I left Oahu in 2016 after living on the island for two years and graduating from university. I didn’t have a huge desire to return after so long exploring here but I’ve made my way back in 2018, 2021, and 2022 for visits. I always have a great time here and find energy from the beautiful nature of Oahu.

This time, I’m back to hang out with Pema while she completes her divemaster training. It’s a 60-dive minimum course with lots of theory involved so usually it takes 3-6 months but she’s crushing it out in under two months. I’m recovering from my ankle surgery and putting in some big shifts of blog work in a complete overhaul of the site with updates and optimizations the focus of my time over the festive season.

Arriving on Oahu, I could barely walk and a few thousand steps were my limit. Stairs and inclines were difficult and I was limited to small movements. It was a great time for me to get stuck into some blog work as all I could really do was hit the upper body at the outdoor gym and work on the computer. Such is life and I was embracing it as best as possible.

We found an overpriced long-term hotel suite-style apartment and made ourselves at home… as much as possible in a studio room. The ritual began with an outdoor gym workout and computer work mixed in with a sunset or a bit of island life here and there. Above all, it was good to be back with Pema after a longer than expected time apart over the Christmas period.

I’m hoping that I’ll be walking more comfortably by next week and thinking about the potential of buying a cheap bike to aid in my recovery and allow me to start building back my work capacity. Hope you all had a good week and made the most of it!