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After almost two months out of action, it’s great to be back in motion and experience even the smallest of adrenaline rushes again. I bit the bullet and went and bought a bike, even if I only use it for three weeks it will keep me sane and get my ankle on the road to recovery. For $99 at Walmart, I grabbed a mountain bike and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made lately.

I’ve been heading out for hour-long bike rides around Diamond Head Crater, which gives about five kilometers and 80m of incline per lap. On a mountain bike, it puts my legs through a workout compared to my carbon fiber road bike back in Adelaide. a little downhill gives me a bit of adrenaline and it’s a great time all-round. It’s nice to be able to do some form of cardio after almost two months of strict dieting due to difficulty in burning any calories whatsoever.

Injuries always make you grateful for movement when you get it back and this was no different. Due to my numerous injuries and surgeries, I always have a lot of gratitude for movement, but it feels great to be back going again.

I’ve kept the work flowing on the blog and it’s starting to take shape. I still have a month left here on Oahu so I’m hoping to crush out most of this optimization and post updating by the end of that time. After some really rough times to traffic and income throughout this pandemic, I’m hoping the site bounces back to its former numbers. I’ve been patient and held a long-term view that once travel is back, traffic is back and my blog will be back.

Pre-covid I had some days with 25,000+ views to the site and the worst days throughout the pandemic have been less than 4000 views. Many of the locations I’ve written about are still completely closed so the number of people searching for travel guides is significantly lower. Whatever happens, I’m putting in the work to make sure I have the best possible chance of success for whatever number of people are viewing my travel guides. Taking care of the things I can control and then let the chips fall where they will.

Things are on the rise with travel, my recovery, and my blog. Positive vibes over here in Hawaii.

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