In Tel Aviv and want to go cliff jumping? The locals might laugh at you when you ask but there is a spot to do a little cliff jumping in Israel and it’s only an hour away from Tel Aviv. In the old town of Akko (Acre) there is an ancient wall (slightly sketchy), which is about 9 meters high by my guess. You can jump off of it and survive. Is it a safe jump? No. Was it an awesome day trip? Yes. Below you will find all the details you need to know about the Akko Old Town cliff jump in Israel.

Akko Old town (Acre)

Akko is in the north of Israel right on the edge of Haifa. Sitting on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, it has been inhabited for more than 4,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest cities in the world.

The remains and the walls of the ancient city date back to 3050 B.C. and are part of the attraction today. Markets, cafe’s, souvenir stores and coffee shops cram inside the winding cobblestone streets of the town. It was a bit of a maze and we got lost several times!

Even if you aren’t cliff jumping, it’s an awesome spot to stop off for a coffee or lunch and take in the ancient vibes. We all agreed that it felt a bit like a , coastal, upbeat, mini Jerusalem of sorts with all of the little tunnels and winding roads.

Drone shot by Rob King

Where is Akko Old Town

From Tel Aviv, it took us 1.5 hours drive. We stopped on the way at Caesarea Beach, which had old Roman ruins. It’s a good way to break up the journey and to see some extra sights along the way. No matter which routes around the country you take, you need to add Akko onto your Israel itinerary. I’ve included a map below that has the Old town of Akko (Acre) pinned. 


Cliff Jumping at Akko Old Town (Acre) in Israel

We arrived at Akko and parked the car. I was with another Australian friend and two local Israeli photographers. They had never jumped from the walls of Akko nor had they even been to the cliff jump spot. This meant our first mission was to actually find the right spot so we could attempt the jump.

Navigating our way through the halls and tunnels of Akko old town proved harder than anticipated. We reached multiple dead ends and had to ask locals which way we should be going. Some of that seemed bemused by the mention of a cliff jump but most pointed us in the right direction. We went up and over several walls, it seemed til we reached the outer wall after about 10-15 minutes of wandering.

We now had the wall but finding the safe spot proved a little more complex. We reviewed some photos we had seen and asked around and then decided on a spot. The local Israeli’s didn’t jump first but left it up their visitor! I ran off the wall as fast I could trying to get out far away from the cement at the bottom of the wall and cleared it by a mile.

Now that I was in the water I did a more thorough check around the base of the wall. I found that there was a cement floor that slowly declined as it got further away from the wall. Essentially, my advice would be to jump out as far as possible. This isn’t a guarantee but if I had to give advice that would be it. This becomes hard when you backflip as you can’t get out too far.

I decided I could get out far enough with a backflip and managed to clear the cement on all jumps. However, I did touch the floor a few times and it definitely isn’t a spot I enjoyed backflipping at when considering the landing area. I enjoyed it overall but love when you don’t need to worry about what’s below. I don’t suggest backflipping here unless you are confident in getting out far enough. Jumping off normally with a big running jump seems quite safe.

To the left of the jump spot is a set of old cement stairs, which is essentially the only real way to get out. These can be used as a marker for where the jump is.

After our cliff jump session, we headed back inside the walls of Akko Old Town and had hummus and falafel at a cafe. It was a great way to end a ripper day with new mates and some good cliff jumping fun in Israel.

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  1. Hi all — if you’re happy to just watch the jumpers, go to the little cliffside restaurant next to the wall and order a couple of beers. Watch the locals for awhile before jumping as there are large platform rocks hidden under the water.

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