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‘Adventure Bag’ Cleanup At Libaong Beach, Bohol

‘Adventure Bag’ Cleanup At Libaong Beach, Bohol

After a great cleanup last year in the Philippines at Budlaan Falls in Cebu City, it was again time to bring the Adventure Bag Crew to the Philippines. For this cleanup, I made the journey over Bohol on my motorbike to team up with Plastic Free Bohol.

Plastic Free Bohol actually helped to inspire the Adventure Bag Crew movement thanks to Jammy the founder. Her hard work for the last few years with her Plastic-Free Bohol organization inspired me to take my own action.

To get to Bohol, I had to ride to Cebu City for 2.5 hours and then take a 2-hour ferry before another 1.5 bike drive from Tubigon to Panglao.

The next morning, I headed out for a run down to Libaong Beach, which would be the site for our cleanup. This beautiful stretch of coastline was full of action as the sun crept over the horizon with fisherman and tour operators preparing for another day out at sea. Along the coast, the beach looked great from a distance but upon closer inspection, there was litter strewn throughout the beach.

On the morning of the clean-up, Jammy and I headed down for sunrise at 530 and it was a great way to start the day. By 730am the crew had rolled in and Jammy had already filled a couple of glass bottles with a thousand or so cigarette butts.

We had visited several markets the day before to buy rice sacks for 5-10 pesos so we weren’t using plastic bags. This was great as it is not always possible depending on where we do the cleanups. We quickly realized we didn’t have enough bags as 40-50 people ended up attending the cleanup, which was a great turnout. Thanks to all of those who came along.

Heading off in all directions, we collected lots of rum bottles, cigarettes, and assorted plastics as we enjoyed the beautiful beach views along the walk.

This is the Youtube video we created on the day filmed by Digital Travel Couple.

Once back at the hub, we poured out our bags and sorted the trash. Bohol sends plastic bottles and glass bottles to Cebu for recycling but has no official recycling center of its own. Therefore we did our best to sort these plastics but unfortunately, the rest does go to landfill, which is a better option than in the ocean or being burnt.

We weighed each bag thanks to the Plastic Free Bohol crew and the total trash collected was 237 kilograms in just over an hour of cleaning. A great effort by a great crew and as always the positive vibes were contagious!

Thanks to everyone who came and helped out. We appreciate every single one of you and need you to know that you have inspired us, your friends and others by attending and making a positive impact. Let’s keep it going!

Here are some more photos  I took throughout the day!