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Everyone is currently impacted by the Corona Virus pandemic that has swept the world. It’s having a profound effect on all of our lives in some way. It’s hit us all but on different levels. For some, it has been catastrophic with critical health situations and for others, it has been an unimaginable financial hit. Even for those who have not had big blows to their income or their health have had their lives altered dramatically. It seems like everything is out of our control as new laws and restrictions are brought into effect each day. That control over our lives that we love to wrangle during normal times seems even further away because we aren’t sure when we might get it back. However, there is one thing that we can all control and that is how we react. 

YOU are in control of how you react. That is a fact. There isn’t an excuse that exempts you from taking responsibility for how you react in this once-in-a-lifetime scenario. I know some people are going through harder times but for the most part, this message is to those who simply need to react to the lockdown and restrictions, which are currently in place.

I believe at this point in time, we need to imagine that these rules and restrictions may be here until at least June 1. If they are removed or loosened sooner then that is great but if not and it is until at least June 1 then here is what you have to do. Make decisions and execute lifestyle choices based on two months of the current situation. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want to have achieved by June 1?

What improvements can I commit to making by June 1?

What do I have to do on a day-to-day and weekly basis to reach my goals?


Take control of what you can in a time when most of the control we normally hold is not there. Those who take it week by week hoping for the situation to change overnight or ‘go back to normal’ next week will make short term plans, which inevitably consist of time-wasting, television and passing the time because you will get back to good habits when it’s all over. 

My income has dropped more than 95% since a month ago. I can no longer travel. Neither of those two statements looks set to change any time soon. So, I’m setting out to be fitter by the end of this lockdown than when it started. I’m looking to write one blog post a day because I believe the traffic will come back when the domestic and international borders re-open. I’m enjoying spending time with family and being back in Adelaide. I’m enjoying the stability of not moving around. I’m trying to eat well and make healthy decisions. I’m trying to learn new skills related to my camera equipment and editing. I’m honestly stoked, I’m motivated and enjoying this period as much as I can. It’s no summit in the Swiss Alps but I want to look back on the ‘Adelaide Lockdown’, and recall an amazing 2, 3, 4, 5 or who knows how many months. Sure there will be moments of lower energy, it’s okay to be a bit sad, distressed and depressed at how things are at times but have enough awesome goals and activities in place to keep you stoked and motivated. 

Now, I haven’t touched my camera at all this week as I’ve been going out my workouts, bike rides runs, rows and blogging. However, I did look to my SD card for my last night in Lombok to an incredible sunset where I shot the clouds from our boat with my 100-400 and 16-35 lenses and these were my favorite shots of the night.

I hope you had an epic week and choose some goals to chase by June 1. It doesn’t have to be fitness or work-related. It might be landscaping part of your garden, sorting out the roof, learning the basics of Spanish, upskilling in a relevant online course. It can be anything but find something you are stoked on, chase it and look back on your lockdown and be able to say ‘That was a strange time but damn it was fun’.



The Danish Nomads

Thursday 16th of April 2020

Great idea to make some longterm goals, as you are right, it doesn't look like this will be over soon. We know a lot of people, who just cannot comprehend the thought of the current state of the world to continue, so the only way for them to cope is to "imagine" it is soon over. We really feel for them, as this time will be "lost", and they won't get it back, but at the same time, we totally get that everyone has their own struggles and cope differently to a once-in-a-lifetime crisis like this. Anything else would be weird :)