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I think the biggest lesson from this year is that you can’t keep waiting for things to be perfect or to improve. It’s taught us that in certain situations, we need to improve the situation rather than waiting for the situation to improve itself.

As 2020 draws to a close and 2021 is just around the corner it’s easy to look forward with renewed positivity. You’ll hear people say 2020 was the year from hell and they can’t wait for 2021 to come. This year it’s more exaggerated than others because it’s been an incredible year, but that sentiment of waiting for the new ‘better’ year is not a new idea.

People will be hoping 2021 blesses them with the good luck 2020 didn’t. My outlook is different. I’m expecting 2021 to be another rough ride. Pandemics don’t go away over night, all of 2020’s problems aren’t going to magically disappear once the fireworks finish on New Year’s Eve. Be ready for 2021 to be incredibly difficult and you will be ready to take it on. If there are less major obstacles than expected, you will feel blessed. But it’s likely 2021 will challenge us just as much as 2020 and if you are mentally ready for that, you won’t be surprised.

I kind of took this mentality with me through the second half of 2020 and told myself just to go for it. The year wasn’t going to wait for me so I didn’t wait for it to dissappear into a better version of itself called 2021. I’ve had a blast out here on Madeira and learned about this island but also myself.

So as New Years’ Eve approaches. Don’t set goals and dreams that will only work if 2021 plays nice. Prepare a mentality for durability. Just like in 2020, only the strong, adaptable and highly motivated people will reach their goals in 2021. Goals may shift but it’s up to you if you’re playing field dictates your success.

That’s my thoughts this week and here are some of the photos from my last week of adventures. We went to Empenas, a crazy hike to ‘The Window’, which was definitely the highlight of the week!