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It’s a new year. 2021 is here. So that means it is time to make a new years resolution or some goals you hope to achieve by the end of the year. I’ve never been one to make a new years resolution as I prefer to create a sustainable lifestyle not a radical action but there’s no harm in adding in a few adjustments to make improve certain aspects of your life. So, in this blog post I’m going to share with you a couple of goals I’ve set out to use as guiding markers for 2021.

It’s a bit difficult to make too many travel plans or travel related goals due to the uncertainty of restrictions but there is still plenty within our control.

My first goal is quite simple. Each day I will do a minimum of 50 pushups. There are no rules or specifications. That is a minimum of 18,250 pushups in 2021. The reason I like this kind of goal is that often once you start doing the pushups for that day, you will also do another exercise while you are there. You may also do more than 50 so it’s less about the pushups and more about luring myself into doing some core and bodyweight exercise every single day. Consistency is king.

My second goal is very broad and almost the opposite of the pushups goal, which was quite specific and easily measurable. My aim for 2021 is to flow with my motivations rather than grinding through tasks. I’m no longer at a stage where I need to force myself to do work I don’t have a burning desire to do. I’m very competitive, so in the past, I have hustled through lots of articles and tasks that paid great dividends but were not enjoyable. This year, I need to write less. A weird goal for a blogger but after writing 1,100 articles in under five years, it’s maybe a goal only I can see a need for. If consistency is king, sustainability is queen.

In 2020, I recorded 100,000 meters of elevation gain. These meters were traveled by hiking, walking, running and riding my bike when recorded specifically as a workout on Strava. So, this wasn’t just counting walking around the house, up stairs and day-to-day life. This year, my goal is to replicate that. Therefore I need to record 8,333 meters of elevation gain per month. The two biggest obstacles to this goal will be location and injury. I love hiking so the motivation will always be there. I need to stay injury free and not overdo it in any particular month. I also will need to be creative if I am in a location without too many hills, mountains or areas with interesting incline to climb in. I’m looking forward to this goal because it is the best indicator of a good year for me. It means I made it to the top of many mountains, hiked a lot of miles and was out in nature. Recording distance traveled or time working out can mean being in a gym or a running track. They are not good indicators of a great lifestlye compared to elevation gain when considering how I want my life to look.

Those are my three main goals of the year. Of course, I have other plans and things I would like to achieve but I’ll work through those without having a specific deadline or goal dedicated to them. I hope you all set one achieveable goal and one maybe a little out of reach to push yourselves through 2021. Hope you all have a good year.

I didn’t take too many photos this week as it has been a stormy time here on Madeira. These are just a few memories from the week for my camera roll, should I ever scroll back and need a visual reminder of the last seven days.

Josh Lynott

Friday 22nd of January 2021

Awesome brother - hope to be out on some summits again with you soon. - JL


Monday 25th of January 2021

Yewww that's the plan

Thursday 21st of January 2021

You are a truly inspiring fellow. Thanks for your advice. I'm hoping you achieve all your goals for 2021.