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Indonesia is one of the most naturally spectacular countries on earth. But there is one region in this beautiful country that manages to stand out from the rest. If you are up for a little bit of transit and adventure to get there, Raja Ampat is the jewel of Indonesia. Relatively untouched compared to other dive areas such as the Gili Islands, the islands, beaches and Raja Ampat diving sites made me feel like I was discovering the region not just visiting.

In this article, I will share with you my experience of the best Raja Ampat diving sites, some amazing viewpoints, and an unbelievable resort.

Getting to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat has a small airport called Waisai or there is another airport nearby called Sorong. These are the two options for getting to Raja Ampat.

I flew from Bali to Makassar to Sorong. This is the most common route to get to Sorong.

  • There are no international flights into Sorong
  • There are no direct (nonstop) flights from Bali to Sorong

Once I reached Sorong I then took one more flight to Waisai airport in Raja Ampat. It is important to note you can take a 2-hour ferry from Sorong to Raja Ampat.

Once at Waisai airport or the ferry terminal your liveaboard organizer or hotel staff should have arranged to meet you and organize the transit to your resort. For me, it was a short bus and a private boat to the Raja Ampat Dive Resort. For a full breakdown of travel options, ferry times and transit routes.



Raja Ampat Dive Resort

The accommodation often makes or breaks the vacation and in this case, Raja Ampat Dive Resort was one of the highlights of the trip. From the moment our boat pulled in towards the long wooden pier, I knew this was going to be one of the most incredible resorts I’ve ever stayed in.

Raja Ampat Dive Resort is a luxury dive resort centered around creating the ultimate Raja Ampat diving experience while enjoying the comforts of hot showers, air-conditioning, sunset drinks on the beach, buffet meals and a well-organized resort.

By the time we had our welcome drinks, our bags had already been delivered to our rooms. My room was a spacious wooden bungalow called the Dolphin I. Inside were two four-poster queen size beds covered by mosquito nets. A hot shower in a large bathroom, air conditioning and a large balcony with a sitting area meant we had everything we needed.

We did all of our diving with Raja Ampat Dive Resort and I will cover where we went and how the dives were later in this review of the resort and this article about Raja Ampat diving and things to do.

I like to keep any accommodation reviews I do transparent so I always try my hardest to come up with a few deficiencies or problems despite how good the property was. At Raja Ampat Dive Resort there were only a couple of issues.

It was very humid. So humid in fact that our towels and clothes struggled to dry when we left them in the shade on the balcony. We constantly felt a bit wet during our time at the resort but this is pretty synonymous with how I feel in Asia all the time and wasn’t any fault of the resort. Our hot water stopped working after the second day and we asked the guys to take a look, they did but it never began working again. Other than that the stay was amazing and I have and will continue to rave about this amazing resort.

Click here to view availability for Raja Ampat Dive Resort.

Raja Ampat Diving

Diving in Raja Ampat is heaven for underwater photographers and is often rated as the best scuba destination in the world and one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. The hard and soft coral is buzzing with marine life. The Raja Ampat islands are a great spot to catch some of the big creatures underwater but are also home to some enthralling macro life.

Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, and other pelagic fish are known to frequent the region. Blacktip and Whitetip reef sharks are incredibly common as well as the native Wobbegong Shark.

Encounters with Manta Rays and Dolphins are also common in the warm waters of Raja Ampat. I also saw Mantas before arriving in Raja Ampat in an epic week of scuba diving in Komodo.

A guide to Komodo National Park on a liveaboard sailboat: I also wrote a great guide to visit Komodo, which includes the best diving sites, top things to do/viewpoints and whether you should go on a liveaboard or a dive resort.

Raja Ampat Diving Accommodation – Liveaboard or Resort

With over 1500 islands making up Raja Ampat the best way to see as much as you can during your visit is to stay on a Liveaboard. You can explore a greater variety of locations and dive spots when you have the flexibility of staying in different locations each night. Liveaboards range from luxury vessels to budget sailboats but almost always come equipped with private rooms and a chef. I’ve used this website when searching for the best liveaboards.

When you are deciding between a liveaboard or a resort you will want to consider the following points:

  1. Price: A Raja Ampat liveaboard is usually more expensive than a resort per night. However, it includes all meals, dive guide, accommodation on board, snacks. Usually, the only extra expense is the diving gear, alcohol, and tips. In comparison, a dive resort may only charge for your room and then each dive is added onto your package. I know at Raja Ampat Dive Resort there was a package available, which included the accommodation and meals at the resort plus a full day of diving each day.
  2. Experience: What sleeping conditions are you comfortable with? Do you prefer to get onto dry land and the comfort of a villa at night or are you up for the adventure of sailing the seas for a week aboard a liveaboard? I have personally had both the liveaboard and dive resort experience and they are both awesome. However, the dive resort is a much more comfortable option unless you can afford the most luxurious liveaboard. However, I have always had the more memorable overall experience aboard the liveaboard.


Click Here to compare all liveaboards and to check availability and pricing for the Raja Ampat region.


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Best time for diving in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Diving is something you can enjoy all year round. The water is so warm, I often went diving in just shorts and I am someone who gets cold easily. From May to September there is more rain but the temperature and humidity remain high all year round.

Because Raja Ampat is a bit more expensive, harder to reach and isolated than other diving hotspots the high and low season is less noticeable. Dive Resort owners mentioned there is a pickup in visitors at the end of the year but visiting Raja Ampat all year round is a peaceful getaway.

Pianemo Island raja ampat, peaniemo raja ampat, pianemo, piaynemo homestay, raja ampat pianemo, pulau pianemo raja ampat, piaynemo

Scuba Diving Conditions

I already mentioned that the water is very warm, in fact, it is in the high 20’s all year round.

You can expect the visibility to be anywhere from 10-30 meters depending on which dive site you are at.

Raja Ampat has several dive sites with notoriously strong currents such as ‘The Passage’. However, many sites have slower or no currents. Depths range from 10m to 40m.


Raja Ampat Snorkeling

Although Raja Ampat is known for its amazing diving sites, there is some great snorkeling to be done also. There are many shallow coral gardens next to many of the resorts such as Raja Ampat Dive Resort, Kri Eco Resort, and Sorido Bay Resort. Many of our dives also finished above beautiful shallow reefs that were often the highlight of the dive. Another beautiful Raja Ampat snorkeling spot is at Arborek Pier, where thousands of schooling mackerel hang around the pylons. We snorkeled and went free-diving here and it was one of the highlights of my time in Raja Ampat.


Best Raja Ampat Diving Sites

Cape Kri

Cape Kri is the most famous site at Raja Ampat and most commonly ranked the best. This dive site holds the record for the highest number of fish species on one site, in one single dive.


This is one of the best Raja Ampat diving sites to spot the famous Wobbegong, which is a large carpet shark.

Melissa’s Garden

This is one of the best Raja Ampat diving sites for beginners. There is rarely much of a current. Soft corals and sponges cover the ocean floor, which makes it a perfect location for a macro search.

Blue Magic

An underwater pinnacle that starts around 7m and goes down to about 30 meters where you can meet huge fish. This is also a great spot for macro photography and finding small critters.

R4DR Housereef

The Raja Ampat Dive Resort house reef is actually the only spot on our trip we saw the endemic walking shark known locally as, Kalabia. This is also a great spot to snorkel during the day and night.

Manta Sandy

This is a great spot to meet the graceful Manta Ray. These majestic creatures can be observed year-round at Manta Sandy. It’s not uncommon to meet more than ten in one dive and you might even be lucky enough to come across the rare ‘Black Manta’.

Chicken Reef

With a sandy floor of 20m, this is a great spot to find some garden eels, huge schools of black snappers, fusiliers, and butterfly fish.


Aroborek is a small island village with a short pier. Below this pier is massive schools of mackerel. We dove and received in and out of the schools of thousands of Mackerel for the best part of an hour. In this area, we also found giant clams.


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 Things to do in Raja Ampat


Pianemo Island

Pianemo Island is one of the most epic spots in Indonesia and the world. In fact, I had been waiting over two years to tick this spot off my bucket list.  A collection of islets are scattered in the cerulean blue waters. It truly is one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

The water at Pianemo Island was crystal clear and has an amazing turquoise color, which reminded me of Kawasan Falls in the Philippines. You can swim at the bottom in the calm water and explore the islands. When I was flying the drone I found a few cool spots with a pier and hidden beaches. We also did some small cliff jumping from one of the islets in the middle of the lagoon.

If you choose the right liveaboard your tour should include a visit to Pianemo Island. Make sure you check this on your itinerary when you book.

Full Blog Post: Pianemo Island – What you need to know

Pianemo Island raja ampat, peaniemo raja ampat, pianemo, piaynemo homestay, raja ampat pianemo, pulau pianemo raja ampat, piaynemo


The sandbar apparently has no name according to the locals who refer to it as ‘Pasir Timbul’, which means sand surfaced. We stopped here for our surface interval and it is literally a sand island in the middle of the ocean. It’s quite a strange feeling to be on a stretch of sand surrounded by water. Definitely, ask your guide if you can find the Pasir Timbul while you are in Raja Ampat.


Arborek Village

Our tour organized a visit to Aroborek Village. We boarded along the pier, which we would later dive under, as the locals prepared to perform a traditional dance for us. After watching the children perform a traditional dance on the pier we walked further into the village. I was somehow elected by my group to be our leader all of a sudden and before I knew it, in front of the whole village, I was taking on the village leader in a traditional battle-style performance. It was a high-energy minute and a crazy moment from my time in Raja Ampat. We then made a huge parade through the whole village singing and dancing with the men, women,

We then made a huge parade through the whole village singing and dancing with the men, women, elders, and children of the village. After this crazy entrance, we had time to sit and chat with the locals. Some of the women showed me the baskets they were weaving and even brought out the traditional ‘Manta Hat’ only found in Raja Ampat.


IMPORTANT: If there are any attractions you specifically want to be included on your Liveaboard itinerary, make sure to communicate that while you are booking. Some liveaboards visit Pianemo Viewpoint, while some may only visit Arborek Village during the day.


Click Here to compare all liveaboards and to check availability and pricing for the Raja Ampat region.


This hike was part of the awesome Trip of Wonders with the Indonesia Tourism Board.






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