Switzerland is one of the most mind-blowing and picturesque countries in the world and I can understand why people are in love with this country. It’s not just only about the famous Swiss chocolate but the insane landscapes it offers. As a hiking lover, I’ve always wanted to visit Switzerland due to its notorious hiking trails and insane views and up to now I still can’t believe I’ve been able to experience the most amazing hike in my life! 

But you might be wondering what the best place to base in if you’re traveling in Switzerland? In my own perspective, that’s Interlaken! Yes! Famous for its scenic mountain views, beautiful lakes, best mountain hiking experience, and other interesting outdoor excursions, Interlaken is a strategic base if you are traveling in Bern, Switzerland. This is the hub for tourists who want to see a lot of the Bernese Oberland and there are numerous attractions and chic accommodations in the area. This town is surrounded by the Alps and in between two beautiful lakes- Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. There are also two famous rail stations: Interlaken Ost (the main station) and Interlaken West (the smaller one). 

This town is popular so accommodations can be pretty expensive. However, you can find some good deals- especially if you are staying in a hostel. Be mindful though that the best value for the money a bit off the beaten path. That is why I’ve created my list of recommended hotels and hostels so you can make the most out of your trip to Interlaken. I’ve chosen 4 luxury hotels, 4 best value, and 4 hostels. To give you an idea here’s a chart for you to look at first. 


Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa$3818.9-Fabulous
Hotel Interlaken$2318.6- Fabulous
Hotel Du Nord$2008.9-Fabulous
Hotel Bellevue$1728.4-Very Good
Hotel Alphorn$1108.7-Fabulous
Hirschen$908.5-Very Good
Neuhaus Golf- & Strandhotel$758.5-Very Good
Hotel Beausite$1538.6-Fabulous
Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof – Hostel Interlaken$389.0-Superb
Interlaken Youth Hostel$428.8-Fabulous
Happy Inn Lodge$238.1-Very Good
Balmers Backpackers Hostel $428.0-Very Good



Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa (Luxury): Feeling fancy? Then stay in the most luxurious and splendid hotel in Interlaken! Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa will make sure you can get that grand vacation you’ve been dreaming about. Perched below the Jungfrau (Mt. Virgin) and between two popular lakes, this 5-star hotel wows its guests with breathtaking mountain views of the Bernese Highlands. As for me, one of the key points I consider when choosing a place to base in is the perfect location with fantastic views, and having fast wifi is a big plus as I’m working whilst traveling. this hotel is just pure perfection- with an on-point service and an indoor pool which is ideal in the summer. Definitely, the best place to stay in Interlaken if you are looking for a grand holiday!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa.

Hotel Interlaken (Luxury): Set in the middle of Interlaken is the most popular hotel in the entire town—Hotel Interlaken. This 4-star hotel is the oldest in the area but you don’t mislead by its outside look. The hotel has a mix of old and modern amenities with spacious rooms, balconies overlooking the church and mountains, and a cozy restaurant and bar to chill after a day of traversing. There are various types of rooms from single rooms to suites so you can have your privacy. Even if it’s a tad pricey, the breakfast is incredibly yummy here. They have a picturesque garden lawn area with sun loungers if you want to take advantage of the fresh air in the morning. The proximity to the Japanese Gardens, train stations, shops, and restaurants is a big bonus! Not cheap but when it comes to seeking the best accommodation to stay in Interlaken, count on Hotel Interlaken to make your holiday truly unique and memorable!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hotel Interlaken.

Hotel Du Nord (Luxury): Location wise, Hotel Du Nord is by far one of the best hotels in Interlaken. It’s only a stone’s throw away from the train station (Interlaken Ost and West station) which is an ideal starting point for adventurous excursions into the Jungfrau region. You are not going to Switzerland if you can’t find a place that offers spectacular views and yes Hotel Du Nord has it! I’d say the breakfast is top-notch here, too! There are lots of options that’ll make your tummy happy before you start your first hike of the day. Plus, the staff really makes a difference in your stay! They’re very helpful when it comes to recommending good activities to do in Interlaken. With newly renovated rooms, free use of bicycles, and complimentary parking, you can’t look past Hotel Du Nord!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hotel Du Nord.

Hotel Bellevue (Luxury): Hotel Bellevue is just right on the Aare river with a breathtaking mountain backdrop. This boutique minimalist-style hotel is just a short stroll to the train station, Interlaken museum, and the hustle and bustle of Interlaken. It’s a quiet, private, and an upscale property with three types of accommodation-hotel rooms, apartments, and a river house. There are 38 sleek rooms fitted with soft beds, hot tubs, and a cute desk. The River House is perfect for a family retreat with a big garden right on the river. On the rooftop floor, you’ll find spacious apartments that offer a fantastic view of the river and the peaks. Cleanliness and giving impeccable service are among the top priorities of Hotel Bellevue so expect to have a comfortable stay. Hands down! This is one of my favorite hotels in Interlaken.

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hotel Bellevue.



Hotel Alphorn (Value): Not so fancy but Hotel Alphorn sure does a great job in terms of meeting their guests’ needs. This family-run hotel has rooms fitted with flat-screen TV but who wants to watch TV if you can enjoy the insane views and paragliders soaring over the river, valleys, and mountains. It’s a walking distance to the West train station and the beautiful river of Interlaken. The location is lovely and quiet yet still close enough to the markets, bars, and restaurants which is ideal for travelers who don’t want to be in the center of the bustling city. The hotel comes in very handy as they have a storage room for mountain bikes and skis. For around $100, you can get a double room that comes with a buffet breakfast. Without a doubt, this hotel is value for money!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hotel Alphorn.

Hirschen (Value): This chalet-style hotel offers rooms ranging from single to family rooms with a laid-back atmosphere making it a wise choice for single, couple and family travelers. Located centrally, it provides easy access to everything in Interlaken. The property has full of flowers and ornaments, a garden terrace, a wine cellar, and a kids’ playground. Although the hotel is not very big, surely it’s a great pick for those who don’t want to spend a lot on accommodation in Interlaken. Besides, you can still indulge the picturesque view of mountains from the garden or in your room. I love the breakfast better as they have too many options and it’s quite delicious- enough to make your belly happy! I highly recommend this hotel!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hirschen.

Neuhaus Golf- & Strandhotel (Value/Tranquility): If you want a short escape from the hustle and bustle, this lakefront hotel might be your best choice! Sure this hotel is not high end but the views and setting are absolutely fantastic that you can’t say no to stay in this place. You may think you’ll get bored here but you’re wrong. There are heaps of activities to do here- from river cruising, golfing, kayaking, or paragliding. I love the peaceful location better, really you can relax more with enchanting green views around. Even if this hotel is away from the city, they offer free shuttle service to Interlaken center and the free parking is an extra bonus. Friendly, charming, and with a fantastic location, it is for sure a hotel you cannot go wrong with. 

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Neuhaus Golf- & Strandhotel.

Hotel Beausite (Excellent Host): Technically situated right in the heart of Interlaken, Hotel Beausite is a family-run business and a well-maintained property with a lush garden, terrace, and beautiful views of the Alps. It is only a five-minute walk to Interlaken West Train Station.  And when it comes to accommodation, the hotel has a good range of rooms from a standard double room to a family room. Each room is fitted with a coffee maker, ensuite bathroom, flat-screen TV, and floor-to-ceiling windows. The breakfast is beautiful and each guest can receive a complimentary Interlaken card which includes free use of public transport in the town. This is one of the popular hotels in Interlaken.

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Hotel Beausite.


Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof – Hostel Interlaken (Budget): Okay, here’s the good news: The best hostel in Switzerland is in Interlaken and that’s no other than Backpackpackers Villa. If you’re looking for a quiet hostel where you can work on your laptop peacefully and save your penny at the same time, this is the place! It’s located between the two train stations which make it a perfect place to base whilst exploring outdoor. Imagine waking up with the Mt. Virgin view if you get the Jungfrau room. Some of the perks you can enjoy at staying here are the buffet breakfast, bedsheets and towels, lockers, 24-hour kitchen use, fast wifi, entry to public indoor and outdoor pools, minigolf, tennis, parking and so on. No wonder why Backpackers Villa rated best!

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Backpackers Villa.

Happy Inn Lodge (Budget): The Happy Inn Lodge offers budget-saving comfy rooms with multiple bunk beds in the center of Interlaken. Perfect for solo travelers and couples traveling in a tight budget, room rates range from $23 (6-bed dorm rooms with shared shower) to $72 (twin rooms with private shower) fitted with a  sink, wardrobe, and mirror inside. Although the hostel is pretty basic, it has everything you need from hot showers, entertainment and the fact that staff can organize activities for you is an extra perk! While in the summer you can charter a private car or a bike, a free shuttle to the closest ski stations is available in the winter. I personally love the social vibe of this hostel-style inn wherein you can just grab food and beer in the homely bar and restaurant or at the patio outside.

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Happy Inn Lodge.

Interlaken Youth Hostel (Budget/Bestseller): Are you seeking for a top-rated and spotless hostel whilst backpacking in Interlaken? Then find no more and check out Interlaken Youth Hostel. This youth hostel is more like a hotel and it’s in a perfect location because it’s right next to the train station and between two lakes. Perfect for a solo traveler or families, Interlaken youth Hostel has a variety of room offerings from a private single room, family room to dorm room that accommodates up to 4 people. Plus guests can rent bikes, play billiards, or join a game of ping pong – I bet you’ll have a lot of fun here. For backpackers, the Interlaken Youth Hostel might be ideal. 

Click here to check the best current rates and availability of Interlaken Youth Hostel.

Balmers Backpackers Hostel (Budget/Party): From the name itself Balmers Hostel is a hub for mostly young backpackers from around the world. If you’re a party person or looking to meet friends, then Balmers is probably the best budget hostel for you. The place resembles Mad Monkey Hostels in Asia where guests can socialize and party with live music— just grab a beer and enjoy the music! In fact, the hostel organizes parties in the summer months. They even offer free bicycles plus there’s a garden with hammocks, barbecue facilities, and cozy common areas. You can either stay in a room or glamping that can accommodate up to 6 people. Well, whether you go there in the summer or in the winter, this hostel has lots of offerings. This is highly recommended for solo travelers!

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I hope this blog post helped you figure out where to stay in Interlaken to give you the perfect base for your adventures in the region.


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OPTION 1: Switzerland trains, buses, and cable cars are EXPENSIVE! I found the best way to get around cheaply was to buy the Swiss Half-Fare Card before I arrived. It gives you 50% off every regular train, bus, and even many cable cars. It only costs $150 USD but pays itself off in just a few days with many train tickets in Switzerland costing close to $100 alone. OPTION 2: The second option is to get the Swiss Travel Pass, which gives you unlimited train, bus, and (many) cable car rides but it’s pretty expensive at around $100 USD per day so if you don’t travel each day it isn’t worth it. OPTION 3: The final option is to get the FLEXI Swiss Travel Pass, which allows you to buy 8 days’ worth of transit but you can choose the night before if you want to activate the next day. That way you don’t need to travel every day to get your money’s worth, you can just activate the FLEXI Swiss Travel Pass on the days where you are doing sizeable transits. My advice is to book the Swiss Half-Fare Card or the FLEXI Swiss Travel Pass in advance before your trip so it’s ready to go when you arrive.

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