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A little over two weeks ago I decided I needed a videographer. This workshop on the Nusa Islands is going to be way too epic of an adventure not to have it documented. I put the call out to you guys, the creators out there to see who would be willing to come and shoot vlogs and a highlight video during the trip. It wasn’t a paid gig and I couldn’t offer the international flights to Indonesia, but I offered to cover all activities, food, and accommodation for the videographer for almost two weeks.

I was a little overwhelmed by the response. In fact, so many of you applied to be the videographer that I had to set aside almost a whole day just to look through all of the applications. If you followed my story on Instagram you would have seen me shortlisting my favorite videos. I watched at least one video from every applicant and it was great to see the variety of awesome content you are creating.

In the end, it came down to several applicants to choose from and the successful applicant is a fellow Australian. Nic Morley from Queensland has been selected to shoot the trip and film some epic adventures in Indonesia this March.

Nic’s videos were amazing. He shoots some amazing drone footage and has even been to Nusa Penida which means he even knows a few of the spots, angles, and lighting. I can’t wait to get him on board and think you guys should check out his work now if you are interested in seeing who will be on the trip with us in March.

This was Nic’s application video:


You can also follow Nic on Instagram. We will be visiting Kelingking Beach during the March blogger workshop. This is Nic’s photo of one of the most epic spots in Nusa Penida:


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Thanks so much to everyone applied. There were so many awesome videos and I hope you have an epic year of travel and create some more unreal videos. If this turns out to be a success, I may put the call out again for another trip where I would give the opportunity to one of you guys again to create with me on my travels.


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