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We spent the majority of our time out adventuring the Island, finishing university and working hard to save up for our next adventure to South-East Asia.


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Tropical Skiing on Mt Olympus – Oahu Hawaii

Mt Olympus is one of the highest peaks on Oahu and is often entirely engulfed by clouds. It is a 4-5 hour round trip with muddy terrain and a number of steep inclines. Although there are a number of different ways to reach Mt Olympus, we began at Wa’ahila Ridge Recreation Park.

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Yoga Poses for Travelers

This sequence is great for waking up your body and getting your circulation going again. It helps you to reconnect your mind and body, which can be a challenge especially when you are traveling through the night and changing time zones.

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The Pink Pillbox Hike

The Pu’u O Hulu or ‘Pink Pillbox’ Hike is a short ridge hike on the West Side of Oahu that overlooks the surrounding suburbs and beautiful stretches of beaches that Oahu is known for. The hike extends along the ridge between the Nanakuli and Maili suburbs and can be seen clearly from the Farrington Highway below.

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Exploring the East Coast of Oahu

One of the greatest things about having a moped on Oahu is being able to cruise along the East Coast. The drive takes you past Koko Head Crater Trail and winds along a scenic, cliffside road. There are so many amazing beaches and hidden spots along this route but on this trip we decided we felt like doing some jumping. While there are other spots along this side of the island with much bigger jumps like Spitting Cave, we decided to enjoy a few of the smaller options.

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Jackass Ginger Pool & The Judd Trail

Oahu is covered with incredibly dangerous hikes, narrow ridge trails and hidden entrances. These can get overwhelming if you just want to enjoy some fresh air and get your fix of nature. If it is a simple hike you are looking for, I can recommend the Judd Memorial Trail and the Jackass Ginger Pool. This trail is a 1-mile loop with different surprises around every corner and is only slightly more challenging than the Manoa Falls Trail. You can expect to find a bamboo forest, imposing pine trees, a swinging rope, and rocky water slides flowing into a giant swimming hole.

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