Inside of this collection, you will find 12 handcrafted presets for Adobe Lightroom. These are my go to presets for editing photos of my adventures above and below the water around the world. The purpose of the presets is to enhance your GoPro photos and speed up your editing process.


The GoPro collection has been created to improve images in when shooting underwater in a variety of different lights. I have also included a variety of presets for jungle, rainforest and hiking scenes. There are a variety of styles in the collection to suit the ever changing scenery and lighting an adventure photographer comes to expect.


These presets are perfect for beachgoers, outdoor adventurers, hikers and island adventurers.


Inside The GoPro Collection:


– The Chiller
– The Classic GoPro
– The Crisp Blue GoPro
– The GoPro Fade
– The Honest GoPro
– The Island Vibe GoPro
– The Jungle GoPro
– The Rainforest GoPro
– The Underwater Deep Blue (Low Light)
– The Underwater Deep Blue
– The Underwater Heaven
– The Underwater Metallic

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    Hi, are these compatible with Lightroom Mobile? Thanks

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