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Thank you so much to everyone who supports every project I put forward and thanks to those who get behind me no matter what.

Two weeks I opened applications for the Nusa Islands Blogger Workshop in March of 2018. I was overwhelmed by the support and interest from you guys. More than 400 applications put their hand up and it took me an incredible amount of time pouring over the Instagram accounts, blogs and stories from each of the applicants.

My aim from day one of this project has been to give eight people the energy, knowledge, and insight to help propel them to being a successful creator in their chose capacity.

I was fortunate enough to have some seriously talented people apply for the workshop but most importantly I could feel the hunger and the drive. I said at the beginning of this project I want people who can hustle, push themselves harder than anyone else and are the hungriest to succeed.

I’m proud that the following people trust in me to guide them through the industry of blogging, social media, content creation and how that can combine to create a viable way of life and a creative life.

The following eight people will be joining me in March of 2018 for 10 awesome days of adventure on the Nusa Islands. Congratulations to those selected and thanks to everyone who applied, I appreciate all of the support. You can check out the Instagram profiles of the Nusa Islands Blogger Workshop Team below.

Jerre Stead


Jonny Clayton


Lauren Baer


Gino Lombardo


Alex Gillett

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Greta Omoboni


Jake Applebee


Jade Collins

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