You can travel to far away places but there is no place like home. My home is South Australia, which is at the bottom of Australia and sometimes it feels it is at the bottom of the world! Whenever I am home, I always head to my favorite spot. It’s a place that makes you exhale and breathe in the beauty surrounding you. For me, there is nothing like a scorching day in the sun at the Second Valley cliff jump.

Of all the epic locations I have seen in the world why does this one top the list. Aside from having a strong nostalgia for this spot, there is more than just cliff jump action to look forward to when you head to Second Valley.

When you arrive at Second Valley and walk along the coast to the cliff jump spot you will feel isolated on this long stretch of coast. Hanging out in the sun on these cliffs is where all the best hang sessions go down.

Once you hit the water you can swim into the caves at the foot of the cliff jump. The water glows blue and has a luminescent nature making it a magical spot. Be careful on days with a big swell but on a quiet day, floating through the caves is absolutely unreal.

The Second Valley cliff jumps are perfect for all ages and abilities. You can jump from 70 feet or 10 feet. It’s a fairly safe spot and the water is deep.

The last part of this spot that makes it so epic is the long views down the coast. The dry rolling hills contrast starkly with the crystal clear blue waters of the ocean.

I filmed this whole day of cliff jumping and cave exploring on the Sony Action Cam. The action cam has several great features but the inbuilt stabilization is extremely useful compared to others I had used in the past. The vibrant colors when shooting underwater is also something I love about this camera. Often I lose vibrancy when shooting underwater but this camera manages to retain color despite changing light sources. It’s a perfect camera for adventurers, cliff jumpers and those with a love for off the beaten path exploration.

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  1. Second Valley is a beautiful spot to visit. The colors of the ocean were beautiful and we spotted a pod of dolphins. A must do the activity at Second Valley is to have a go at rock stacking – the rocks are the oval shape and smooth, in a variety of sizes and perfect for seeing how high you can stack them.

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