The K2 Basecamp Trek is one of the most scenic trekking routes in the world with the route passing below many 8000m peaks. This two-week route travels to K2 Basecamp along the Baltoro Glacier en route to reach the foot of the world’s second-highest mountain. The height of K2 Base Camp is just over 5000m but this won’t be the highest point of the route. The trail is a loop route (in good weather) that takes you over Gondogoro Pass, which peaks at 5,585m. Along the route, trekkers can expect harsh camping weather conditions, whether it be snowstorms or extreme exposure to the stinging sun. The rocky, glacial terrain makes this a tough trek but also provides some of the most incredible trekking views in the world. This trek is far less popular than the Everest Base Camp trek with just over 1000 visitors annually, which makes it a perfect trail for those seeking amazing mountain views without the crowds.

These are a collection of my favorite images from the K2 Basecamp Trek. I carried with me a DJI Mavic Pro 2 Drone, Sony A7rii with a lens collection including a 16-35mm f4, 100-400mm f4-5.6, 24-105mm f4, and a 20mm f1.8.

We were lucky enough to have six days of incredible clear weather before a snowstorm came through and covered the entire region in a blanket of snow for three nights in a row. The total trek was 160km in distance with 9000m of vertical gain over 12 days of trekking. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions on our journey and hope you enjoy these images from K2 Basecamp Trek.

I trekked this route with Epic Backpacker Tours who run multiple K2 Basecamp Trek expeditions every year. I had a blast and they were very professional. If you want to book a spot on their next trek, you can use the code JACKSON5 at checkout when you book for a 5% DISCOUNT on your tour cost.

Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you are interested to purchase or license any of the images for print, advertising or commercial work.

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  1. Back in August ‘76 I tried to get permission to Trek to K2. Never could get permission tried for 10 days. Ran out of time, so had to move on to India and Nepal. Trek from Lamamongu to EB camp and back to Lukla and flew out. Gone for 30 days solo.

  2. Beautiful photos. My good friend Jen Drummond is currently hiking k2. She will be the first woman in history to hike the 7 2nd summits. Thank you for taking these photos.

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