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In August of 2016, I was invited by the Indonesia Tourism Ministry to travel throughout Indonesia for 12 days on the Trip Of Wonders. These are some of the highlights of the journey.

After living in Hawaii for two years, Indonesia has been the next closest thing to home for me and I have visited 3 times in. I love the friendly vibe and the coastal style of life. All of the places I have visited in Indonesia, most of my favorites have been close to the water. Whether it be a fishing village or a surf beach, there is something relaxing about life near the water.

All of the images in this gallery were taken with my Sony A7ii and the Zeiss 16-35mm 4.0 or 55mm 1.8. The photos that appear to be taken by a drone are actually shot through the glass of a plane window. Never miss an opportunity for a new perspective.

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Click Here to see my portrait series “PEOPLE OF THE ISLAND“. This series was photographed on the same trip with Indonesia Travel.


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