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Sore throat? Upset stomach? Feel a cold coming on? You need to try a honey lemon ginger tea! I drink this anytime I feel like I’m getting sick or fatigued. Not only is it good for you, it is also super tasty!


This past spring we had a lot of friends and family wanting to visit before our big move to SE Asia. There were three weeks in particular, where we played tour guide to a few friends, that were incredibly fun, but really challenged my immune system.

We had been doing sunrise hikes, full days at the beach, and staying up until late for about 4 days when the opportunity to do the Stairway to Heaven hike arose. Of course, we had to go for it, but all that went into actually doing the hike in combination with only a couple of hours of sleep left me very vulnerable for a cold. The day after completing the stairway I could feel the tell tale signs that I was about to get sick. So I quickly made up a batch of honey lemon ginger tea big enough to fill my Hydroflask and committed to a good night’s sleep.
I felt perfectly healthy the next day! Throughout the next couple of weeks I made sure to have a cup of honey lemon ginger tea every few days and even made some for our guests to help them beat any oncoming colds. I’ve put this tea to the test and its never failed. This is one of my biggest tips not only for traveling, but for any sort of occasion where you are putting your body to the limits.

RAW HONEY has antibacterial and anti fungal properties in addition to lots of antioxidants. It helps to soothe sore throats and stomachs. Raw honey also has healing properties. Just make sure that you use ‘RAW’ honey. Regular honey has a lot of the benefits removed via the cooking process.

LEMONS help restore your body’s pH, and have a ton of vitamin C! They have bioflavonoids that help your body to get rid of harmful free radicals that cause inflammation and impair blood vessels. It is recommended that you should start every day with a lemon drink. The smell of lemons is even supposed to help you feel more energized and awake!

GINGER boosts your immune system with its naturally occurring antibiotics, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants. It helps relieve digestive problems, nausea and stomach pain in general.



3 Lemons
½ cup honey (use less if you like it more tart- you can always add more later)
¼ cup grated ginger


I just put 3 squeezed lemons, ½ cup of raw honey, and ¼ cup of grated ginger in a small pot and heat it on medium/high until it begins to boil. Then I pour the mixture into a mug, add hot water, and drink up!


TIP: For additional health benefits you can add the whole lemon (after squeezing) to your pot. Lemon peel contains anywhere from 5-10 times more vitamins than lemon juice. Just make sure that you are using organic lemons without pesticides!

You can also put the lemon peels into a blender and make ice cubes that are easily accessible for whenever you want to add a little lemon to your cold drinks.

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