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Fort Cochin in Kerala, India is possibly the most historic place I have traveled to so far. Remnants of its rich history can be found in every meal laden with spices once sought after by the world, even more so than gold. 

Many years ago, the Kerala government gave all citizens a plot of land. This enabled the people of Kerala to cultivate and provide for themselves and their family. It is also one of the main reasons there are close to no beggars on the streets and it is an illegal act to beg for money.

Kerala is a moderately communist state but not in the same ways Russia, North Korea and other controlled systems operate. Kerala performs in a more democratic way than communist but places heavy importance on the good of the entire community. Personally, I think it sounds good on paper but would have to experience a longer period of time in the region to understand how it performs in practice.

I went out to the streets, winding through neighborhoods, alleyways, and parks chatting to local kids, parents and anyone who accepted my smile and greeting. I decided to shoot a short video and some portraits of the happenings on the streets. 

If you have time to explore the rest of the state, this is a great guide to some of the best tourist places to visit in Kerala.

This trip was made possible by Kerala Tourism


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