The infamous catwalk has been closed, this is what you missed if you never got the chance to experience the hike.



Despite what its name might suggest, the Dead Man’s Catwalk provided more amazing views than perils. The catwalk referred to the cement slab that some claim was a possible war-era installation or was previously used as a launch strip for hang gliders. The words “The Dead Man’s Catwalk” were constantly being spray painted on the 6-yard strip that led out to a steep drop-off down the face of cliffs.


Dead Man's Catwalk hikers



The land is owned by Kamehameha Schools and they recently decided to remove the cement slab due to security and safety reasons. It is sad to see so many great hikes on Oahu being closed but I am glad that Jessie and I got to enjoy this one before it was too late.


View of Lanikai from Dead Man's Catwalk



Standing on the catwalk, expansive coastal views and crystal clear waters made the short hike more than worthwhile. On a clear day you could spot the Na Mokulua (two mountains) of Lanikai, far in the distance. As I watched the waves roll over the reef below I felt on top of the world knowing that I was standing in a moment which you will remember long after your time on Oahu.

You might also like the Pali Puka Hike if you want those epic dropoffs and sweet views.


Dead Man's Catwalk view of the reef


This was a perfect hike for people who wanted the postcard views without all the hard work. Most of the climb was done in your vehicle before arriving at the beginning of the trail. The hike began well above above sea-level, which is the reason why you could have such amazing views with only a short ascent.


the trail at Dead Man's Catwalk

Like many hikes on Oahu it is illegal but it was illegal long before the cement slab was taken down. The great views will still be there but the catwalk will no longer be a feature of the hike if you do choose to risk it.



Fence at Dead Man's Catwalk




The Dead Man’s Catwalk is a 25 minute drive from Waikiki and is quite close to Koko Head hike which many of you will have already done or heard of.  There is no issue if you are on a moped like Jessie and I, the journey to this trail will take you about 45 minutes if you are leaving from the Waikiki area.


Duration: 1 hour
Altitude: 843 feet

{google_map}Dead Man’s Catwalk{/google_map}



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  1. Great post! I wish I had hiked that trail… Gorgeous shots.

    • Jackson & Jessie says:

      Thanks so much! It’s a shame they pulled it down, so many hikes on this island are illegal or being pulled down.

  2. Nate says:

    I expected that this will happen soon… in August 2014 they already built up this huge fence.. it’s very sad! I loved this place!!

    • Jackson & Jessie says:

      Yeah as you can see the fences were there and we were told it was illegal and that there were guards occasionally but so many people were there!

      • Nate says:

        Yeah, that was always like this. My boyfriend just walked up there every couple days last spring because he lived in this area. Nobody ever told him to leave. Maybe he just looked very confident 😀

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