Thanks so much for supporting me as a blogger and creator of free travel guides, content and photo blogs from destinations around the world. These are the websites I use to book my travels and what I recommend you use. By clicking one of the links below and booking your hotel, flight or making a purchase from Amazon I will make a small commission ranging from 3% to 8%. You will pay the same amount as if you had visited the site directly. You will need to purchase within 24 hours after clicking my link for the commission to apply. Once again, thanks for your continual support. Click Here

When I travel I use to book hostels, and homestays along the way. I order the properties from cheapest to most expensive and then scroll through looking for the cheapest place that has decent reviews from recent guests. The reviews are always up to date and the best part is you don’t pay until you arrive at the property and payment is in the local currency.

Hotels CombinedClick Here

Hotels Combined is the other booking service I use and combines all the online booking sites and compares the best prices. It is the most comprehensive search of hotels on the internet and has more listings than Click Here

Amazon is the place I buy all of my camera gear and electronic accessories. A tip for using Amazon is to check out the refurbished or used selection. I then look for a power seller with a great reputation and I can get a lightly used camera or lens for much cheaper than brand new. I recently bought the Sony a7ii body for $1000 with only 1 week of use on it for $600 less than the retail price.

Skyscanner: Click Here

I use Skyscanner to book almost all of my flights. Skyscanner combines all flight booking platforms to search for the cheapest available flights. The best way to use Skyscanner is to pick your departure and destination and then look for the cheapest flight in the whole month. This way you can fly on the cheapest possible date.

Airbnb: Click Here

Airbnb is something I use from time to time. I stayed for one month in an Airbnb on the island of Siargao. It was $950 a month for our own apartment with bathroom, wifi, air conditioning, drinking water, and cleaners. We split that four ways and had the cheapest month on the island with our own base, which was much more chill than a hotel.

If you use this Airbnb link you will receive $20 credit off your first booking as long it is over $75 in total!

Agoda: Click Here

Another great booking option that I use for lots of locations throughout Asia where it is most popular.