best oahu lookout

You must visit this Oahu lookout for views across the city for sunset.


Tantalus Lookout is by far the best spot to watch the sunset if you want to enjoy a view of the entire city. Unfortunately Diamond Head Hike is closed before sunset but the view from Tantalus Lookout is even better and the gates close well after sunset.

Tantalus Lookout is on top a 1048 ft hill and allows you to see inside Diamond Head Crater, the entirety of Waikiki and to the horizon line on the ocean.

The road leading up to the summit is a beautiful drive winding through the lush suburb of Manoa. There are many hairpin turns and if you keep your eyes open you will take in great views of Waikiki before you even reach the top. Driving this route on the moped is really fun, although it is slow going on the steep incline on the way to the top.

view of waikiki best oahu lookout

This is a prime location to spot a rainbow. I have been lucky enough to see one on every visit to Tantalus, just another reason why it is the best Oahu lookout.

oahu lookout for sunset

From the parking a lot, a paved walkway leads you down to a grassy slope, which feels like a natural amphitheater. It’s a great spot to bring a rug or a towel to lay on but definitely bring some warm clothes as it gets really windy and can be chilly once the sun has started to set.

best oahu lookout

I recommend heading up to the lookout on your first or second night if you are on vacation. It’s fun to spot out your hotel, Diamond Head Crater, and other landmarks you may have noticed while down at sea-level. It also helps to give you an understanding of the area you are staying in, which will definitely help you with directions for the rest of your stay.

Tantalus Lookout is only 15 minutes from Waikiki, which will cost about 15 dollars with an Uber and maybe a little more with a cab.

If you are riding a moped like us, you can definitely make it all the way up to Tantalus Lookout, just be prepared to struggle up some of the steep roads of Manoa!

If you are in the area of Manoa earlier in the day be sure to check out the Manoa Falls Hike, the filming location of Jurassic Park and Lost!

If you prefer to catch the sunrise instead of a sunset Click Here to find out about the best sunrise hike on Oahu.

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