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These Instagram accounts will make you wish you lived in Hawaii.


As if you would need any more motivation to visit or even move to paradise, here are some seriously enticing images from talented photographers from around the islands of Hawaii.

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@opticalhi has long been one of my favorite accounts because I love drone shots. They really give you a different perspective of the island and there are few photographers producing beautiful shots as consistently as Jimmy Wilkinson.


A photo posted by Jimmy Wilkinson (@opticalhi) on



@uheheu is another drone specialist creating spectaculr shots over Kauai and even managing to stalk whales and dolphins from the air. The stunning ridges of Kauai are captured in all their glory throughout this account.


A photo posted by uheheu (@uheheu) on



@chadkoga is another account I have followed for a long time and I get blown away by every new photo. This guy adventures above and below water in many places I have never seen before and never would have believed existed if he hadn’t captured so many stunning locations.


A photo posted by Chad Koga (@chadkoga) on



@kysoncurammeng really manages to recreate the hawaii vibes so many of us feel as we are out enjoying the crystal clear ocean and beautiful mountains of the island.



@jakeofalltrades is someone I began following before I even arrived in Hawaii. He is the ultimate outdoorsmen. A fisherman, paddler, hiker and everything in between. He doesn’t take a bad photo while he is at it.



go_kenji mixes it up with drone shots and incredible shots from the ocean, even inside of some gnarly barrels.


A photo posted by Kenji Croman (@go_kenji) on



@captain_potter really knows his way around a camera and around Hawaii. This account really captures the vibe and the lifestyle of an island adventurer.



@theanthonycastro is someone I continually check out to see what adventures he has been up to lately. He shoots almost all of his shots with a GoPro, as he hikes and hammocks his way around the islands.


A photo posted by @theanthonycastro on

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@nolank808 is an account I only came across recently after several of his photos went Instagram viral as they say. This is a guy who really pushes the limits and gives you an insight into some of the crazy places in Hawaii.


A photo posted by Nolan K. (@nolank808) on



@shangerdanger is a great underwater photographer who often links up with his friends to create stunning images like this. He’s not afraid to push his diving abilities to get shots from inside caves or from great depths.


If you want to check out what Jessie and I get up to you can follow us by clicking on our images below.




Some of the best Instagram photos I’ve seen have been taken on the Stairway to Heaven Hike. You should check it out!



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