There’s a lot to experience in Hong Kong including an unforgettable Michelin-star dining, endless shopping, gorgeous hiking trails, and the stunning view of sunsets and skyline from The Peak. You’ve come to this blog looking for a detailed look at the top 4-star hotels in Hong Kong and I promise you this will be the most comprehensive list you will find with photos for each hotel, prices, ratings, and what you can expect from each 4-star accommodation.

Hong Kong is divided into three districts: Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the Outlying Islands. Kowloon boasts some popular markets and museums, while Hong Kong Island offers shopping spree, entertainment, and exquisite dining options. The outlying island such as Lantau showcases some well-known attractions like Disneyland, the Big Buddha, and nunneries. The proximity to the airport is also a plus.

If you are looking for comfortable accommodation with quality services yet does not stretch the budget, choosing a 4-star property would probably best for you. I’ve handpicked the top 10 4-star hotels that are the best value picks and you might be surprised by how cheap some are despite their luxurious looks. Whatever suits your needs and budget, I’m sure this blog post will help you figure out the best 4-star hotel in Hong Kong.

Here’s a table summarizing the ratings and prices of each top 10 4-star hotels in Hong Kong with a character and feel that will have you coming back for more. 


Hotel Stage9.1-Superb$109
The Fleming Hong Kong9.1-Superb$199
Page 148 Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui9.1-Superb$71
Butterfly on Wellington Boutique Hotel Central8.7-Fabulous$80
Novotel Citygate Hong Kong8.6-Fabulous$122
Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui8.6-Fabulous$53
Metropark Hotel Causeway Hong Kong8.5- Very Good$105
Metropark Hotel Mongkok8.4-Very Good$45
Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong8.5-Very Good$69
Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong8.2-Very Good$45


The Fleming Hong Kong (Excellent Service/Design): The best way to enjoy Hong Kong aside from shopping spree and filling your eyes with beautiful scenery is through staying in a hotel that won’t stretch the budget too much but provides a memorable stay. All these are made possible in Fleming Hong Kong. There are so many advantages when choosing this property and one of which is the proximity to the MTR Wan Chai Station and the famous destination like the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Guests also fell in love with its unique interior that would remind you of the iconic harbor ferries. Infusing what Hong Kong is famous for is truly a smart idea and made this one of the best 4-star hotels in Hong Kong Central.

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Page 148 Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui (Excellent Location/Service): If you think that Hong Kong is all about high-rise buildings and fancy streets that never sleep, Page 148 might defy that impression of yours. While other properties of its level opted to be at the center of the action, this hotel chose a lovely area with greenery views. This will be a sure respite of a weary traveler after all the exciting activities. Accessibility is not a worry because both Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan MTR station can be reached on foot. The rooms are decorated with simplicity and elegance paired with views of either garden or the city. I especially love the little touches of this property. They provide a drip bag coffee, humidifier, and good Bluetooth speaker. Just so impressed by its attention to detail for the price that is not regrettable. The rooms are super clean with comfortable beds en suite with a clean bathroom. I highly recommend this 4-star hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui if you are keen on the best location near the city-center.

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Butterfly on Wellington Boutique Hotel Central (Convenient Location): Combining all the essential factors from convenience to accessibility has been the utmost consideration this property has in mind. In fact, this has been one of the top picks among the 4-star hotels in Hong Kong. With the high number of repeat guests, it is an indication of excellent service. Come and feel the warmth of this boutique hotel in the heart of central Hong Kong. A recommendable place for all types of travelers due to the proximity to transportation points, tourist attractions, several clubs, bars, and restaurants. Despite not having a pool on-site, being in a prime location will give you tons of things to do and see. Food is not offered here but this shouldn’t be of big concern as restaurants are within distance. If you are looking for a wallet-friendly four-star hotel that is in the center of everything, then this hotel is perfect for you.

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Hotel Stage (Exceptional Service): Nestled just close to the bustling street of Chi Wo is a new boutique hotel. Hotel Stage might be amateur in terms of years, but the services are of a match to those experts in the service industry. The fame of this property is widely known due to its different approach and style. While it caters full service to all business and travel needs, it also promotes an in-depth cultural awareness through the beautiful paintings which are of abundance in the property. With more than 90 rooms, each of them is super clean and equipped with basic needs. This is matched with scenic views of Hong Kong and its city skyline is so stunning and insta-worthy day and night. The hotel location is very convenient and close to shopping hubs and restaurants. I cannot find any fault in this 4-star Hong Kong hotel, except their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction. 

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Novotel Citygate Hong Kong (Convenient Location): A taste of international class combined with convenience, style, and comfort are all in one place and that’s Novotel Citygate Hong Kong in Lantau Island. This beautiful property is a 4-star hotel with a characteristic that goes beyond its label. The views are stunning and one can feel the Hong Kong vibe through the large glass windows. Just imagine yourself enjoying the champagne and the city view. The entire make-up of this property from the well-manicured garden to the various restaurants and function rooms it housed will definitely close the deal. In my opinion, it is not only ideal for couples or business travelers but also for families with little ones as it is close to the airport, high-end stores, and famous attractions. Moving and wondering will be less hassle. A free shuttle bus to and fro the airport adds excitement and has become every guest favorite. A bit higher than other 4-star hotels, but with what it offers surely compensates the rate. 

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Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel Tsim Sha Tsui (Great Location): Enjoy that little time you have in beautiful Hong Kong by staying in a property that will give you the comfort you deserve. A taste of luxury is what I see in this property especially the overall makeup from the reception area to their elegant rooms. It is so noticeable how they maintain the exceptional level of cleanliness in all corners of the hotel. Despite the closeness of this property to the street, it is amazing that the rooms are extremely quiet perfect for quality relaxation. The staff is so accommodating and friendly which would make you feel very comfortable. Although a similarity between this property and Butterfly on Wellington Boutique Hotel Central like the absence of gym, pool, and restaurants can be drawn, this is of a much lower rate. What is more is its location that is so convenient for shopping, fine dining options, and transportation lines.  A free shuttle ride to Kowloon MTR station will add to that surprise making this one of the top 4-star hotels in Kowloon.

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Metropark Hotel Causeway Hong Kong (Great Harbor View): With the location that is a bit far from the most crowded part of Hong Kong yet still accessible to any transportation stops, Metropark Hotel Causeway is a sure escape from the hustle and bustle of the metro. This property has so much to give with little to take from you. It is strategically located in one of the best places where you can watch the stunning harbor view from either the rooms or the outdoor swimming pool. Take that insta-worthy pose with the city skyline as a backdrop from this property and be refreshed by the sea breeze. Sleep in their spacious and immaculate rooms or enjoy their amenities for a decent price of $105. You can fill your stomach with their enticing fusion meal in a unique open kitchen concept or enjoy live entertainment at the pub. A recommended place where everything you envision for a nice hotel is met.

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Metropark Hotel Mongkok (Great Location): Situated in the heart where the action takes place from shopping to sightseeing is a decently priced mid-range hotel. Metropark Hotel Mongkok is probably one of the cheapest 4-star hotels you can find in town if you are in rather a tight budget. It is not the rate that makes this place one of the top picks in the area but I believe the prime location and their facilities also play a crucial part. The rooms are in a broad range and equipped with basic needs for a comfortable stay. International buffet and à la carte cuisine are served to fill your stomachs. Come and take some light meals after your FUN-tastic day outside in their coffee shops. All these are surprisingly possible here at Metropark Hotel Mongkok.

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Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong (Family-friendly): In great proximity to the shopping center, entertainment district and even the Wanchai MTR station lies a 4-star property. Kew Green Hotel Wanchai Hong Kong offers convenience and easy access to places Hong Kong is popularly known for. This property takes its pride in the amenities and services that are uniquely made to put smiles and satisfy every guest. Of course, you will be greeted with hospitality and will be showered with other services available. But what makes this place different from other properties is their availability of the electronic safety boxes and their exclusive ladies-only floor that is decorated with femininity. Personally, this is an ideal place for families with children and health-conscious travelers as this is a smoke-free property. Everything is perfect here and will exceed your expectations of a 4-star hotel.

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Dorsett Mongkok, Hong Kong (Value for Money): With a facade that is distinct and hard to miss in the Yau Tsim Mong District, Dorsett Mongkok is one of the guests’ favorite. This property is surrounded by bustling commercial and shopping districts with numerous restaurants making it a convenient place for wanderlusts and businessmen alike. The staff are very efficient and fast in handling queries and requests so choosing this property won’t give you much trouble. This is a spotless hotel that offers so many inclusions aside from their nice amenities. Guests will highly feel valued with the small things like available pamphlets for a better excursion and the use of a smartphone to get in touch with the loved ones back home. Honestly, this is a well-hosted place for a very reasonable rate similar to that of Metropark Hotel Mongkok. For $45, you can already get a comfy queen and twin room with complimentary breakfast so it’s great value for money.

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I hope this list of the best 4-star hotels in Hong Kong Tsui helped you choose a great accommodation for your trip. While these are the best cheap four-star hotels in Hong Kong, I also have a list of the best overall places to stay in Hong Kong that you may want to check out as well.



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